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The best state flags

Here, according to The Slice Blog, are the Elite Eight.

No. 8 Wyoming

No. 7 Arizona

No. 6 California

No. 5 Texas

No. 4 Maryland

No. 3 Ohio

No. 2 New Mexico

No. 1 Alaska

Re: Tuesday’s Slice column 6

A nice fellow named Paul Nolan called to say he endorsed the idea of putting an image of the late broadcaster Curt Gowdy on the Wyoming state flag (if the other 49 states were going to go with faces on their banners).

Nolan grew up in Cheyenne in the 1940s, where Gowdy was getting his career started.

Nolan eventually went off to war. When he came back to Wyoming, his high school sweetheart had moved to Spokane. So that's where he headed.

She passed away not all that long ago. But they were married for 62 years.   

Re: Tuesday’s Slice column 5

“I love your list, although I must admit there are a few names I don't know,” wrote Doris Woodward. “But mostly I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for suggesting that Maine use Joshua Chamberlain. He is my Number One favorite Civil War hero, and I'm glad someone else feels the same way.” 

Re: Today’s Slice column 4

“There may be some virtue in avoiding the obvious, and I appreciate your point about how a complicating factor is that some people were born in other states than those with which they're legitimately identified,” wrote Wayne Pomerleau. “Here are two cases in point: It seems to me to be obligatory that Abraham Lincoln (born in Kentucky) should be selected for Illinois; likewise that Benjamin Franklin (born in Boston) should be the one for Pennsylvania.” 

Re: Today’s Slice column 3

Here's a note from Bill Ellis.

“I enjoyed reading your list of nominees for state flags, but as a lifelong Oregonian, relocated to Spokane in 2006, I must comment on your choice for the Oregon flag. If you wanted a writer you needed either David James Duncan, raised in East County Portland and now removed to Montana, or Ken Kesey. Indeed, Kesey on the Oregon flag just north of Jerry Garcia on the California flag (a great choice, by the way) would have really looked good for the left coast.

“You might also have been a bit whimsical in another direction and chosen Phil Knight. But if you wanted a serious choice, which is not necessarily what this is all about, I know, Dr. John McLoughlin, otherwise known as 'The Father of Oregon' is the only way to go. Raymond Carver was born in Oregon but he was raised in Yakima, and then moved later to Palo Alto or some place like that. Fine writer, but Yeech as a choice for the state flag.”

Re: Today’s Slice column 2

One of my favorite transplanted Montanans weighed in on the state flags matter.

“As much as I like Coop, why not shake it up a bit and put Jeannette Rankin on the flag,” he wrote. “She was the first woman in Congress, elected from Montana a couple of years before women could vote nationwide.

“Oh, yeah. She was also the only person to vote against entry into both World War I and World War II despite pleas from feminists that she go along with the majority. A Republican with real conviction.”  

Re: Today’s Slice column

“I like so many of your proposals,” wrote Milt Nelson. “But as far as Oklahoma is concerned, while Woody Guthrie was surely a significant person, can there by ANYONE else than Will Rogers on the flag of the Sooner State?”

Looking ahead to Tuesday’s Slice

I realize Flag Day is actually about the U.S. flag. But tomorrow's print column invites readers to imagine what the other 49 state flags might look like if people elsewhere followed Washington's lead and put someone's face on their banners.

So now you have a head start.

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