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When two things don’t go together

When you find yourself behind a vehicle adorned with stickers that suggest to you the driver is an utter cretin, do you ever find yourself slightly surprised because the vehicle itself doesn't conform to your expectation of what that particular variety of idiot would drive?

Being judged

In your experience, revealing what one fact about yourself tends to make some people around here assume that they know all they need to know about you?

A) Where you grew up. B) Where you went to school. C) Occupation. D) Number of children you have. E) The last movie you saw in a theater. F) Your attitude about religion. G) The sort of vehicle you drive. H) The name of the book you are reading. I) How you voted. J) Your relationship with Apple products. K) The neighborhood in which you live. L) Your hobby. M) Your taste in music. N) Your attitude about cats. O) Your opinion of the designated hitter rule. P) Your perspective on Seattle. Q) Your opinion of unions. R) Your attitude about Martin Luther King Jr. Day. S) How do you get your news? T) Attitude about…Guns. U) Fluoride. V) Abortion. W) Daycare. X) Studded tires.Y) The Spokesman-Review. Z) You say “irregardless” or “I could care less.”.   

Being surprised by a person’s vehicle

I think that happens here slightly more often than the national average.

Some of us tend to think conservatives drive certain kinds of cars while liberals prefer others. And there might be some broad-brush truth to that.

But perhaps a case could be made that Spokane area residents' enthusiasm for outdoor recreation skews reality away from the stereotypes. A fair number of people here choose vehicles to suit their lifestyle, not their political self-image.

I suppose that's true to an extent all over. But Spokane isn't always like everywhere else.

I've lived here more than 20 years, and I'm still not used to the idea of self-proclaimed progressives playing golf.

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