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Do you remember summers like this?

Well then, how about this?

Or maybe this?



When in doubt…

…go get some more bags of ice.

This date in Slice history (1997)

Let's try to think of this in terms of baseball.

Think of Memorial Day as first base. Now think of summer as second base.

The question becomes this: How much of a lead-off can you take without getting picked off by back-to-work/school reality?

Dog days of summer

When do you consider them to be upon us?

I always think of August. Can you believe that starts tomorrow?

Here comes summer

Hope yours is a candy bar (as in this scene from “Caddyshack”) and not the alternative.

Summer Solstice Eve

Do people with lake places in our area typically give these properties a name?

This date in Slice history (2000)

Today's Slice question: What smell tells you summer really is on the way?

Still time to salvage the season

So you didn't accomplish all you wanted to this summer. Welcome to the club. But don't despair.

Between tonight's full moon and the official start of autumn on the 23rd, there are 10 whole days. A person in the right frame of mind can do a lot with that much time.

Here are some possibilities. 1. Lose one pound. 2. Write a blistering workplace memo and then delete it before sending. 3. Think up a self-improvement regimen you will start with the arrival of fall.

Borrowing a line from an old Bible movie

If you have been listening to someone complain for weeks and weeks about how it wasn't hot enough…

…and now that person is actually grousing that it is TOO hot…

Well, The Slice recommends trotting out a certain line from an old movie. It doesn't really make sense. But it's fun to say: “Where's your Messiah now?”

One way in which Spokane is perfect

Shade makes a difference here.

It's our shared summertime gift.

Sure, people sing its praises everywhere. But in some parts of the country hot weather is so sticky that simply getting out of the sun isn't synonymous with real relief.

And, yes, there are places even drier than Spokane. But they tend to be pizza ovens, and escaping the direct sun is just half the battle.

Spokane, however, is practically perfect. Even when it's truly toasty, shade is a refuge.

Sometimes it almost seems to beckon, as if saying “Come over here, it will be better.”

And each and every time, it is.

Let us give thanks.

Who knows how sweet summer can be here? The shadow knows. 

Re: The perceived length of summer

I've been conducting an exhaustive survey (talking to a couple of grocery cashiers) about this. And we have arrived at a consensus about the following points.

1. Yes, of course, it seemed as if the season lasted forever when we were kids.

2. Yes, once you get older, summer goes by in a blink.

3. Because their lives are so different in countless ways (communications technology, structured and scheduled activities, near-constant supervision, etc.), children today may never experience that sense of endless summer that once was the norm. 

4. The more aware you are of the time of day (as adults and high-tech kids tend to be) — and the more moments during a day that you know the exact time — the faster entire seasons seem to zip by.

Has your summer had moments like this?

If not, what do you intend to do about it? A) “Nothing. My real life is OK.” B) “Those days are in the past for me.” C) “I guess I need to find someone to smooch on a beach before Labor Day.” D) “Is that CPR?” E) Other.

Summer in another century


Woo-hoo weekend alert

I really, really hope I'm wrong.

But I have a feeling there is going to be a bad accident in our area involving watercraft and beer this weekend. 

Hot dogs: Pros and cons

Pro: Quite possibly the most fun-to-eat food there is.

Con: Lingering suspicions about just what's in them besides high-protein snouts and cartilage.

Pro: A summer without hot dogs would be like a season without mystery meat.

Con: See above.

Pro: It's fun and tasty to load the bun and dog with a colorful heap of condiments and toppings.

Con: You just washed that blouse.

Pro: Sometimes, when the stars are aligned, they taste so good you almost want to laugh.

Con: “Daddy, where do hot dogs come from?”

Pro: Stunningly easy to cook.

Con: You've already had three and it's still the first inning.

Pro: They tend to be a hit with kids.

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