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Does anyone answer the phone…

…when they don't know who is calling?

Husband of the year (a long-ago year)

The key here, of course, is that she'll “Still tend to cooking and kids.”

Ringtone follies

My friend Pam Pierson was at a seminar.

About 30 attendees were intently listening to a speaker.

“All of a sudden a rooster started crowing. And crowing and crowing.”

The woman whose phone was making these barnyard sounds had stepped out to visit the restroom.

What would you have done?

A) Done nothing and waited for it to end. B) Rifled through the absent woman's purse in search of the phone and tried to deactive the ring. C) Yelled “Somebody choke that chicken!” D) Checked your own phone to make sure it was set on vibrate.

What’s next? A portable telephone?

Aren't you supposed to wipe off your lipstick before you turn in?

And below we see a woman with a child-whacking spoon used to defend the cookie stash. You know those kids would totally spoil their dinner.

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