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Know your useless trivia (one question)

The actress who played the wife of Steve Martin's character in “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” went on, decades later, to play the U.S. ambassador to Pakistan in what critically acclaimed television show?

Can you answer this trivia question?

Tomorrow is the anniversary of a calamitous event that took place in 1975. A journalistic account of It inspired a song that includes references to November. That song has the tendency to remind listeners that the names we call lakes now are not the names by which they were known long ago.

What was that Nov. 10, 1975 event?

If that's too easy for you, feel free to up the ante by sharing the original names of a few of the Inland Northwest's bigger lakes.

Spokane sports trivia (one question)

The Spokane team in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association almost a hundred years ago was called what?

They could have won the Stanley Cup, but did not.

Yes, THAT Stanley Cup.

Today’s obscure trivia question

In what TV show or movie did a character played by Claire Danes refer to the band Smashing Pumpkins?

A trivia question you can’t answer

Name the Washington city mentioned in this song.

Today’s baby boomer trivia question

In the wake of Beatlemania, “The Dick Van Dyke Show” had an episode in which a British singing duo spent the night at the Petrie home — to hide from frantic fans.

Can you remember the name they went by and do you recall who they were in real life?

Today’s baby boomer trivia question

Who were Tod Stiles and Buz Murdock?

Here’s a bit of useless trivia

There is a Spokane Avenue in Detroit.

Not to mention the one in Chicago.

(Referred to here in the directions to the clinic.)

Name this movie

Tess Harding accompanies Sam Craig to an early afternoon baseball game. As they walk to their seats in the crowded stadium, Tess asks “Are all these people unemployed?”

Sam replies, “No, they're all attending their grandmother's funeral.”

Trivia question with Northwest connection

Can you name the TV series in which one of the characters had a radio show called “Chris in the Morning”?

One question movie/sports trivia quiz

In what movie from 30 years ago does a group of friends gathered far from the Midwest sit down to watch a Michigan vs. Michigan State football game on TV?

Trivia challenge

If someone said his mission statement comes from “Bartleby, the Scrivener,” what, in all likelihood, would he mean? 

Incredibly easy one-question TV quiz

What holiday was the backdrop for the series finale of “The Wonder Years”?

A bit of mostly useless semi-local trivia

Bing Crosby Productions was one of the producers of “Hogan's Heroes.”

Name that sitcom

In what 1966 TV show did baseball hall of famer Willie Mays have a cameo — playing in a scene with an actress who would a number of years later portray a troubled Spokane mother?

Trivia challenge (one question)

Though it might be the least Mormon place in the U.S., one state back East was the birthplace of both Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Can you name it without Google?

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