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The sort of strange website of the day

I find it mildly amusing to hear people try to pronounce Kjerstin Ramsing's first name with supposedly authentic Scandinavian nuance. So I was looking for a picture of the Spokane TV news woman to tack on to a short post about that. Instead I found photos of Stephanie Vigil on this first site.

Just one side of the story

During some vigorous channel-flipping late yesterday afternoon, I heard a local TV news person wind up his report on an alleged Spokane crime by saying, “The house has been a problem in the past.”

Well, it might have been nice to get the house's side of it. I can just imagine.

“Look, I have done nothing wrong. I'm a house. But the guy who owns me insists on renting to one deadbeat dumbass after another. And you should see the parade of winners they have over. There's your problem. My hands are clean.”

When TV news anchors act

Which faked emotion bugs you the most?

How to make real life sound like TV news

“I was first on the scene here at the refrigerator to tap these leftovers.”

“Tonight, in an exclusive report, I will tell you how I know that your stepmother is insane.”

“We have breaking news. The toilet is stopped up.”

“This is your teenage son, reporting to you live from the basement.”

“Though the action all took place many hours ago, I'm standing here in the yard to tell you about Fluffy's tangle with the squirrel.”

“Mom and Dad, authorities now say my report card first took a turn for the worse when I realized girls just want to have fun.” 

Before high-tech mobile studios

TV news operations relied on vehicles such as this. (A friend at KXLY shared this photo from 1963.)

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