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How many kids watching 60s Westerns…

…realized that the job descriptions of TV saloon girls was not all that realistic?

“Bonanza” vs. “The Big Valley”

Which series is better to watch as reruns decades later?

Let's assess.

“Bonanza” had a winning theme song.

“The Big Valley” had Barbara Stanwyck.

Sometimes a little bit of Little Joe went a long way.

Nick Barkley's hot temper could get old.

“Bonanza” sometimes did comedy pretty well.

“The Big Valley” had Linda Evans. (Which could be considered a pro or a con.)

“Bonanza” had Dan Blocker, who played a character with the best name in TV Westerns.

The Virginia City in “Bonanza” was home to slightly more nut jobs than Stockton in “The Big Valley.”

Both shows invited you to root for a powerful, rich family.

The life expectancy of young women who got engaged to boys from either the Cartwright or Barkley families tended to be alarmingly short.

Silas was not as ridiculous as Hop Sing.

After watching “Deadwood,” they both seem a bit like “Teletubbies.”

Feedback on today’s Slice column

Slice reader Bonnie Rae called to say I forgot about this show.

OK, fair enough. But in my defense, there is a simple explanation for overlooking this show.

I never watched it.

The final episode aired before I turned 2.

Yes, there's such a thing as reruns. But it would seem this series isn't in heavy rotation on the retro channels.

One reason Westerns weren’t realistic

It would be hard to tell a story if half of the characters are incapable of talking about anything other than their dental pain.

Summing up the horse opera

This Time cover is from 1959. If you were going to add a second line to “The American Morality Play,” what would it say?

Using old TV Westerns lingo in real life

When your dog or cat is acting a little strange (but not in a way that suggests the animal is unwell).

You can make knowing eye contact with a family member and offer a time-honored diagnosis.


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