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My unimpressive learning curve

A bit ago, a helpful reader emailed me. She wondered if, in the post below this one, I meant to refer to the “county library director” instead of, as I had it, the “country library manager.”

I thanked her and made the correction.

But it's not my first stumble on that road.

About 35 years ago, at my first newspaper job, I wrote a profile of the county manager of Coconino County in Arizona. I suspect that particular piece of American journalism failed to make our newsstand sales skyrocket that day.

Anyway, right there at the beginning, I called him the “country manager.”

And my overworked editor failed to catch it.

But I didn't even realize I had made that mistake until I bumped into the subject of that profile and he thanked me for the promotion.

Thanks for shating

Now and then I find myself thinking about my readers and wondering, why haven't I heard from so-and-so in a while?

One of my paranoid theories involves my most common email typo.

I'm not sure why. But I routinely respond to reader submissions by typing “Thanks for shating that.”

I like to think I always catch that and fix it to read “sharing.”

But chances are, a few of those shatings have escaped my notice. And that would be bad.

Obviously, it is sloppy and careless — even if email standards tend to be somewhat relaxed. But far worse than that is the prospect that the scatological-sounding mistake could be interpreted as my judgment of the submission's merits.

I might as well call someone's story or observation a piece of shat. Which I would almost never do.

So, if you ever got an email reply from me that said “Thanks for shating that,” please realize I meant to say “sharing.”

And please feel free to do so again. Share, that is. Not shat.  

Here’s how not to start the day

Glanced at today's print Slice and noticed I had written “picked herring” where I intended to say “pickled herring.”

I'm hoping that's not an omen for how the day is going to proceed.

Picked herring? Sort of makes you picture migrant laborers leaning over the ocean's edge, gathering up fish.

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