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Remember “Johnny Cloud, Navajo ace”?

I vaguely recall that he could read messages in cloud formations.

Remember when Superman met JFK?

Superman is sort of leading with his prominent chin on that concluding question.

A surgeon with confidence issues

Perhaps the nurse above can find some way to give him a boost.

If you had been The Flash…

…how would you have used your super speed re: Iris West?

“The World of Danger, Drama and Death!”

Me, I'm thinking an actual nurse would be smart enough to figure out how to elude her attacker.

Kitten tries to console Super Girl

Should she try wearing normal clothes?

Maybe the tears have turned Super Girl's hand into an attractive salt lick?

What are these infants thinking?

Fill in your own thought bubble for one of these neglected youths.

“More thrilling than tomorrow’s headlines”

I need to speak to the SR's headline writers. Remind them to be aiming for thrilling.

Answering a young lady’s question

A) The boys you have been seeing are not worthy. Don't sweat it. B) It's the whole sexual favors thing. C) Nothing is wrong with you, Red. But why are you standing outside Blondie's window? D) Your ability to see what's behind you spooks some lads. E) Going steady is overrated. You are young. Enjoy experiencing new things. F) You have forgotten that, when running from bad guys in a wooded area, you are supposed to twist your ankle and fall. G) Other.

Bruce Wayne: “Most likely to succeed”

Bruce certainly was one square-jawed son of a gun.

His track and field form seems a bit iffy, though.

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