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Dorothy Dean’s hard-drinking sister?

Probably not. Career girl Debbie Dean is a made-up character while S-R food maven and butter advocate Dorothy Dean was, oh, yeah. Never mind.

Lorie Hutson, student nurse

This post is dedicated to the S-R's former food editor, Lorie Hutson.

She is off to school. She's going to be a nurse.

Lorie was an absolute pleasure to work with — smart, funny and willing to be honest.

I know she will excel in her training. For one thing, she will be able to focus. Unlike Linda Carter (above), she already has a great husband and two terrific boys.

Good luck, Lorie. Everyone here will miss you.

Is he really kissing her?

I'm thinking maybe he just blacked out and is on his way to the floor.

Not sure if she will be disappointed or perhaps relieved.

Are some girls “Born to be Alone”?

Nah. That kid will be fighting them off before she knows it.

This just doesn’t seem right

Perhaps Miss blue sweater is a student teacher. But still.

Maybe the guy is a grateful parent or something. Or maybe he should be in jail.

Uh, Superman…ever heard of knocking?

This is from the summer of 1963. Apparently volunteer nurses were allowed free interaction with patients at that hospital.

I can tell you that this sort of thing is always happening to guys with that patient's name.

One reason people stopped riding trains

Morally casual women in yellow pants were always hanging around.

Let’s list the problems in this scene

1) If the elephant means to stomp that guy, he must have it coming.

2) Lorna is not going to deter the pachyderm with that spear.

3) Lorna's outfit is not tight enough.


“Cynthia Doyle: Nurse in Love”

A little late with your warning there, nurse. Oh, well. Maybe he doesn't use that hand much.

Here’s your assignment

Address someone as “Joe College” today.

Maybe it could be your nephew or an intern at work.

You just might have the honor of being the last person to ever use that expression. Or at least the first since Tony Soprano addressed his screw-up son that way.

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