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An amateur diagnosis

When you are in a doctor's waiting room, do you ever speculate about what prompted others seated there to schedule appointments?

If you are waiting to see a general internist, that silent guessing game can be mildly diverting.

“Thinks he has pneumonia.”

“Back spasm.”

“Yeast infection.”

Of course, when you are waiting to see a specialist, speculation takes on a narrowed ranged of possibilities.

I was at the offices of a leg-vein specialty group yesterday afternoon. And I could not resist looking at the legs of those coming and going and others waiting. (Lots of people were wearing shorts yesterday.)

I hope I was subtle.

I realized that some of those I was scoping out probably weren't even patients. But I could not resist checking out these strangers' legs.

And if anyone in the waiting room was checking me out (even though I had on long pants), that's OK. It comes with the territory.

Re: Passing along your old magazines

Here's an email I received Friday from reader Rob Harper, who lives in a rural county.

“I read with interest Gordon Hensley's comments in this morning's Slice and they compelled me to write to you.

“Several years ago I donated a box of old 'Outdoor Life' magazines to the library of the school where I teach. I thought the kids might enjoy the animal pictures and maybe even read the articles.

“A few months later I had a visit from a county sheriff's deputy. It seems that some of my old magazines ended up in an illegal dump site along a local highway. When the county cleaned it up they found my name and address on a couple of old magazines. The deputy even had a couple of pictures to show me and asked if I recognized any of the stuff in the photos. I answered truthfully that I didn't recognize any of the stuff and could not explain how my magazines ended up there. The deputy said that since there were at least three pieces of this debris with my name on them that I would be responsible for the clean-up cost.

“I shared this predicament in the faculty room the next day. One of my co-workers asked what sort of junk was in the photos so I told him what I remembered seeing. He jumped up and said, 'I think I know what happened.' He had recently hired several high school students to haul a bunch of junk to the dump for him; paying them in advance for their time, efforts, and dumping fees. But the students didn't go all the way to the dump. They dumped it in that illegal dump site and kept the money. A call to the sheriff's office by my co-worker cleared everything up and the students were cited for illegal dumping.

“Two months later I got a bill from the county for the clean-up costs anyways! It seems the deputy didn't follow through with the paperwork. After I called the county to complain I got a visit from the deputy where he personally apologized to me for the whole mess.

“So now when I donate old magaziness anywhere, I remove or block out my name and address.”  

Preemptive volume control

One good thing about being the first person in your car dealer's service area waiting room in the morning is you can leave the TV off and hide the remote.

(Note to my friends at Appleway Acura: I meant to replace it before leaving, but must have been almost dozing when the service rep came to fetch me and I forgot. The remote is tucked back behind the TV in the recessed wall unit.)  

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