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The Wednesday Slice question

How did you do when, as a little kid, you were asked to sell candy or gift-wrapping paper to raise money for some extracurricular group, club or youth sports organization?

A) Fine. My mom sold all that stuff at her office. B) I tried to remember, “Always be closing.” C) My parents bought it all. D) I learned that I was not cut out for sales. E) Couldn't give it away. F) I went door to door and learned a lot about life. G) The whole thing struck me as rather Dickensian. H) I was a regular Willy Loman. I) The pressure sort of got to me and I really started pounding the Dr. Pepper. J) Other.  

The Wednesday Slice questions

Is there any chance that a few thousand grains of beach sand you first acquired in the 20th century have since become a permanent part of your body?

When playing hide and seek with older kids did you ever wait and wait and wait until finally emerging from your inexplicably excellent hiding place to discover that everyone else was gone?

For better or worse, what makes Spokane different?

Guys, at what age did you stop worrying about experiencing sudden-onset swimming party tumescence?

The Wednesday Slice question

Is it ever appropriate to tell someone he or she must have been great-looking back in the day?

A) It all depends on your relationship and how exactly you frame it. B) No. Period. C) Maybe. It can be done without implying that the person looks awful today. D) The real question is why would you contemplate saying something like that? E) The problem is there is no way to avoid sounding as if you believe only 19-year-olds can be attractive. F) You can't know how someone will take that. But it's almost worth risking it on the chance the person will get a kick out of it and say, “Yeah, I would have been way out of your league.” G) Other. 

The Wednesday Slice question

Can you remember a store-bought food first encountered as a kid that blew your mind?

The Wednesday Slice question

What role has food played in your romantic life?

The Wednesday Slice question

Are you old enough to remember when people irrationally experienced trepidation about swimming in lakes — decidedly not shark-infested bodies of water — because of the movie “Jaws”?  

The Wednesday Slice question

What evidence do you have that there are witches in Spokane?

The Wednesday Slice question

A cookbook inspired by the way your family actually eats would be called what?

The Wednesday Slice question

You might have heard this said.

When people with personal knowledge of a news event see coverage of it in the media, they invariably find inaccuracies, distortions and tone-deafness.

There undoubtedly is something to that. But it is also true that at least some of those making such claims didn't actually know what they were talking about or had a perspective-warping agenda and bias about the event in question. People tend to be pretty subjective about what constitutes objective coverage.

So, OK. That having been said, I'm going to go ahead and ask the question.

When you have had personal knowledge of a news event, what did you think of the Spokane news media's coverage of it?

The Wednesday Slice question

How surprised would your friends and co-workers be if an NFL team took a gamble and drafted you in the last round?

Wednesday Slice question

Many years ago, I started a new job at about the same time as a woman I'll call Pam.

Perhaps because we were both newcomers and perhaps because we both worked in a socially cliquish department, we became friends. It helped that I enjoyed being around her partner, a woman with an original sense of humor.

My wife-to-be had not yet moved across the country to this new city, so I had lots of time to spend with Pam and her partner.

Now Pam wasn't afraid to call it like she saw it. Some would say she was tactless. And so it was not long before she had alienated several people at our workplace.

Maybe they did not enjoy being challenged. Or maybe it was the way Pam went about it.

Over time Pam seemed to go from being a bold truth-teller to being a malcontent. At least that's how it struck me.

She eventually got fired. The boss cited a bizarre incident I won't try to recount here. But I believed then and believe now that it was just an excuse to get rid of someone who had made herself a pain in the ass.  

On the day she was fired, Pam approached me and basically insinuated that if I didn't quit in solidarity with her I was a coward. I chalked that up to high emotions of the moment.

I didn't quit, of course. But though I didn't realize it right away, that was the end of our friendship    

So here's the question.

Have you ever had a friendship come to an end because the other person wanted you to express your loyalty to him or her by doing something that struck you as insanely self-destructive?

The Wednesday Slice question

Do you have rehearsed material ready just in case you happen to meet a certain person around here? 

The Wednesday Slice question

The Riverfront Park garbage goat is a fine start. But what other animal-themed contraptions might help improve our quality of life here in Spokane?

The Wednesday Slice question

One problem with real life is you can't always send everything to the lab for analysis.

Unlike in TV shows, we are often left to make decisions based on guesswork.

So, when coming down with a temporary gastro-intestinal disorder, there's an understandable temptation to make a mental list of everything you had eaten in the hours prior to your dramatic discomfort and then issue a firm ruling.

“I'm never eating any of that again.”

Often rounding up those suspects involves marking an X through some foods you really liked. But the power of association being what it is, it's usually not difficult to resist those things for a while after your epic bout with digestive upheaval.

But here's my question.

After being turned off certain foods because of their real or imagined link to being sick, how long does it take before you are willing to try them again? 

The Wednesday Slice question

Not giving a damn about what makes you feel like a stranger in a strange land here?.

The Wednesday Slice question

What, in your estimation, makes someone a considerate houseguest?

Wednesday Slice question

If there are motion-detector lights on your property, how often do they go on between sunset and dawn?

Wednesday Slice question

What happened after you made a significantly larger than usual donation to a group or organization you had supported for years?

The Wednesday Slice question

From whom do you expect to hear the most ludicrous day-after analysis?

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