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Dog days of summer

I was about to make an errands run and had just opened a garage door yesterday when I saw a friend walking by on the sidewalk.

We talked about baseball for a minute. Then I forced him to listen to me describe my recent leg vein surgery.

And we agreed that it was hot. “I'm sweating,” he said.

He is usually accompanied on his walks by a small, personality-plus dog. I asked about her.

Oh, she's home lounging in her wading pool, he said.

Of the three of us, her agenda seemed to make the most sense.

You know you’ve slept in when…

… finding the newspaper takes some doing because it has been covered by freshly fallen leaves since it was tossed in your front yard.

One small reason to welcome weekend

Not everyone works Monday through Friday.

And not everyone has a desk job.

But for some of those who do, the arrival of the weekend marks a welcome respite from a mildly frustrating seasonal scenario.

That is, trying to reach people via email and getting the out-of-office bounce-back. Over and over. 

Of course, you could argue that's better than being clueless about why you aren't hearing back from anyone.

Multiple choice

Getting annoyed when people park in your driveway while visiting your neighbor's yard sale is…

A) Fairly normal. B) Not very Zen-like. C) Pretty Spokaney. D) A sign that you need something to occupy your mind. E) All right if you don't object to being a bit like Gladys Kravitz. F) A sign that maybe you need to live out in the country. G) OK if you don't go out and create a scene. H) Depends on how you feel about the neighbors and whether they have a yard sale every weekend at this time of year. I) Understandable. In an ideal world, the person parking in your driveway would have known that's simply not done. Or the folks running the sale would have noticed this transgression and politely instructed that person to go back and move his or her car. J) Other.

False alarm

Several things race through your mind when you see the clock and think you have overslept.

Did I not set the alarm last night? Did it simply not work? Did we have a power outtage? Is the radio station that's supposed to come on off the air for some reason? Is that really the time?

Then comes the checklist. You know, a quick rundown of what you have to accomplish at work today.

This is bad. I needed to get a good start.

But maybe if I zoom through my getting-ready routines I can catch up. And perhaps the extra sleep will bolster me today.

Still, I'm late. Really late.

Wait. I don't understand. Didn't I finish that one thing at work yesterday?

Then it hits you.

It's Saturday.

Never mind.

Let heaven and nature sing.

What’s your Saturday morning uniform?

We don't all have the same schedules, of course.

And I guess it almost goes without saying that we do not all engage in the exact same weekend activities.

Then there's the fact that not everyone likes blue jeans and sweatshirts. Moreover, there are plenty who dress casually 365 days a year.

But some of us definitely do have a Saturday morning uniform. And once attired in same, the weekend can officially begin.

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