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Free concert begins at 6 p.m. in Grant Park

It's a busy evening on South Perry: the farmers market is celebrating garlic - stop by and learn how to braid garlic garlands. The market is now so busy that it's spilling over into the parking lot at Grant Elementary School. Come up here, but please drive carefully! Lots of foot traffic, as people come and go from the market.

At 6 p.m. the first concert at Grant Park kicks off with live music by John Blakesley and Luke Pate. Food will be available from The Main Market Coop and The Scoop ice cream truck is on site.
It's almost 5 p.m. and no… it's not raining.

Third Thursday art walk

Hey neighbors - the South Perry Business District is trying to get a Third Thursday Art Walk off the ground. The next one is tomorrow, where Michael Sherriffs Hall is showing at South Perry Pizza.
See Michael's art here. Look for art and exhibits at other South Perry businesses - and don't forget that it's farmers market day from 3-7 p.m.

Picture is from last year's South Perry Farmers Market tomato festival

It was a great Perry parade

Saturday morning around 10 a.m. was the kickoff time for the annual South Perry Fair and Parade. The parade isn't the largest one in town, but that's one of its charms. The reverend Happy Watkins was the grand marshal, but kids on decorated bicycles and in little waggons stole the show - along side the Grant Elementary School drummers and dancers. To see some video hit Facebook here and scroll down a little bit.
The parade is the start of the day-long fair in Grant Park. This year's fair featured music, food and crafters and it's also become the traditional 'coming out' event for local politicians running for office.
Did you go? Did you have fun? What was your favorite part? What did you miss? Please share here - and e-mail any photos to

In this photo: Angus the wonder beagle gently guided by Abby Cox at the front of Saturday's parade.
Photo by Lisa Leinberger.

Alcohol impact zone discussion Tuesday

The proposed alcohol impact zone around the South Perry Business District will be a topic of discussion at Tuesday's East Central Neighborhood Council meeting. The meeting is held at East Central Community Center (500 S. Stone) at 6:45 p.m. on July 19.
Neighbors and members of the South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association are encouraged to participate and share their opinions at tomorrow's meeting.
One reason for applying for an alcohol impact zone now is that other neighborhoods (including the International District on East Sprague and Browne's Addition) are applying for the same listing. Alcohol impact zones limit the variety of single serving high alcohol beverages that can be sold from grocery stores and gas station, in an effort to limit public alcohol consumption and public intoxication.

Here are links to stories dealing with the proposed alcohol impact zone around South Perry and Grant Park and the alcohol impact zone already in place downtown.

South Perry Fair and Parade Saturday

The South Perry Parade gathers in front of Grant Elementary School on Saturday morning starting at 9 a.m. Just show up and bring $5 in cash and you're in.
The parade gets into motion at 10 a.m. and it's the official kick off to the annual neighborhood festival featuring food vendors, live music, arts and crafts, all day Saturday.
This year's grand marshal is the reverend Happy Watkins - come one and come all and help it be the biggest parade ever.

Neighborhood success brings traffic

There was a long conversation at Tuesday's South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association meeting about traffic on South Perry - especially between 8th Avenue and 14th Avenue.
During farmers market days that area has a lot of parked cars and a lot of foot traffic.
Everyone agreed it's wonderful to see that much activity in the neighborhood, yet there were also many concerns: the crosswalk paint is worn almost completely off and there are no signs at the crosswalks (except the school crosswalk); the speed limit is 20 mph, but motorists often go faster, especially during rush hour (which coincides with farmers market hours); the intersection at 11th Avenue and South Perry is especially jammed during the busiest times.
Suggested solutions: temporarily getting one of those “your speed is this much” signs (there's one on Rockwood Boulevard right now) and putting traffic cones out in the middle of the crosswalks during farmers market hours. Slow down signs at each end of the business district were also suggested.

What are your thoughts?

“Street” fair back in the park

The plan was for this year's July 16 South Perry Fair and Parade to take place in the street, but things aren't working out quite according to plan. The parade is still on and Perry will be closed between 10 and 10:30 a.m. for that, but vendors and childrens games will be in Grant Park as usual.
The parade assembles in the Grant Elementary Parking lot at 9:30 a.m. - it's $5, cash, to be part of it.
There are some vendor booths still available - cost is $75.
Expect lots of childrens games and crafts at this year's fair, as well as live music by local bands all day.
Volunteers are still needed to help keep the park clean, direct traffic and supervise the kids activities. Volunteers with first aid training are also needed for a first aid station.
To volunteer or get a booth, call Kerry at (509) 362-6642

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