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Eat with your eyes, tonight

Eat With Your Eyes is a series of farm tours, films and book chats designed to stimulate conversation about food and agriculture, that's good for everyone and the planet. The series begins with a pot luck and book chat tonight at the South Perry Farmers Market (915 S. Perry Street) from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Brian Estes, MaryAnn Delaney and Jennifer Hall are leading a conversation about the book,  The Town that Food Saved, by Ben Hewitt. There will also be an update on the farmers market. Free.

Another volunteer opportunity?

So far, nine people have responded to the request for volunteers to clean up the Pittsburg Trail. That's awesome - but what's really great is that the city took care of the cleanup yesterday. Including the graffiti. Neighbors are happy. The question is if there's another volunteer cleanup project in the neighborhood that could be tackled? See the note below from Jerry Numbers - East Central Neighborhood Chair:

Nice article on the Ben Burr Trail.  The East Central Neighborhood Council actually has a committee that has been working on trail rehabilitation and improvement for the past several years.  Last year we did extensive investment in the trail head improvement into Liberty Park and are currently looking toward improvements at the other end.  The Pittsburg connection was an EC investment back in the 80's and has been a good link from the park to the Grant Park/South Perry neighborhood but it has also been the location of extensive grafitti.  The east COP shop has also been involved when graffiti is reported.  It is difficult to keep up with the vandalism and we have had no current reports.  I would be very interested in speaking with Virginia and try to collaborate with the EC Council for the cleanup.  We are currently planning for our neighborhood cleanup and this could become a part of it.I am currently chair of the neighborhood council.
Jerry Numbers

The cleanup that wasn’t needed

Check out this e-mail from the City of Spokane - it looks like the Pittsburg Stairs are getting cleaned up right now:
“Public right of way and public lands in Spokane fall under the Spokane Regional Solid Waste System program for litter control.  A portion of the tipping charges for solid waste are used to support a Litter Control Crew which is used to pickup illegal dumping and littering sites on public right of way and public land.  There are some exceptions to this—bridges, parks, and I-90, for example—but then there are specific agencies that can help.
Since this trail lies in the public right of way and is under public ownership, we have sent the Litter Crew out there today to pick up the litter and illegal dumping along this trail.  The public can contact the Litter Control Crew by calling the City’s Code Enforcement Office at 625-6083.  Our policy is to respond within 24 hours (excluding holidays and weekends) for such illegal dumping and littering.
Marlene Feist, Public Affairs Officer, City of Spokane”

The blog heard from seven people who volunteered to help with the cleanup - and there was a donation of pizzas from South Perry Pizza to feed everyone - any suggestions for another project for this group?
Those who responded to the blog will get a direct email this afternoon.

It’s “Best Of” day

The Inlander is publishing the results of its annual reader poll - Best of the Inland Northwest - today, and there are a few South Perry winners.
Liberty Park Florist won the best florist category and South Perry Pizza placed third in the best pizza group.
Congratulations to all. Read all The Inlander's results here.

Cleanup volunteers needed

Here's the perfect neighborhood project for you: get together with some other folks and clean up the Pittsburg Stairs. Let the blog know if you are interested - we already have a volunteer coordinator.
The stairs and the trail look awful - to put it mildly - read the entire story here.

Cleanup the Pittsburg Stairs

The Pittsburg Stairs - that 's the little cement trail that runs from Eighth and Pittsburg, north to Liberty Park and the East Central Pool - is in desperate need of some cleanup. It's covered in rather nasty graffiti and trash, beer cans, pop bottles and cigarette packs are threwn all over the place.
One problem: the trail is not on Parks Department land but belongs to the City of Spokane Street Department, which has no money for cleanup and maintenance.
A neighbor contacted the blog and wants to put on a cleanup project - please e-mail the blog if you are interested in pitching in a few hours on a weekend morning. The Parks Department has promised to haul away the trash. Read the rest of the stroy in Thursday's Voice section.

Pizza brings spring

The South Perry Farmers Market is open on Thursday, March 24, from 3-6 p.m. and the blog heard somewhere that Veraci Pizza will be there baking heavenly pies in Woody's parking lot. These would be the pizza people with the outdoor woodfired oven… yum. 
The easiest way to keep up with the market is by joining its Facebook page here.

Several blog readers have asked about the art walk last Thursday, how to join and how to exhibit and all that. The blog is not doing the booking - sorry guys - it's the nice people at South Perry Pizza who got the Third Thursday Art Walk off the ground. Find them on Facebook here. The individual venues book their own artists and plan their own event, so if you want to show your art you can also just stop in.

Okay - so it’s a small art walk

- but it's nice to see something come to fruition that the neighborhood has been talking about for a long, long time. Look for green and white baloons outside participating shops. Don't forget to stop by Veda Lux - great vintage finds today, and not everything is green.
It's the people at South Perry Pizza who are behind the art walk… I'm pretty sure they have the Gonzaga game on as well.

Art on South Perry

The business district is hosting Third Thursday today for the first time. There was childrens theater earlier at the South Perry Farmers Market, and many of the local merchants have specials going on this evening.
Notice the huge paintings in the windows of the old Altamont Pharmacy. Spokane artist Katherine Brower is exhibiting in the big windows - nice to see some life in the old building.

Seventh Day Memorial Service at Temple

The Spokane Buddhist Temple (927 S. Perry Street) will be conducting a “Seventh Day Memorial Service” for the victims of the March 11th Japanese earthquake and Tsunami, on Friday, March 18th at 6 p.m.  We will be accepting donations for relief efforts in Japan. Everyone who attends will be able to ring the Kansho (temple bell) after the service in memory of the victims. In rural Japan, the temple bell is repeatedly rung as a tsunami warning. 
Everyone is welcome to attend a Seventh Day Memorial Service in the sanctuary.  The Seventh Day Memorial allows us to reflect on the fleeting nature of life and offer incense to affirm our spiritual connection with those who died.
The temple is collecting donations, made out to the Buddhist Churches of American (BCA) Social Welfare Fund, which will be combined with donations from all Buddhist Churches of America temples to be sent to relief agencies in Japan. Call:  (509) 994-4231.

Via e-mail from the Spokane Buddhist Temple

It’s Third Thursday

The South Perry Business District is putting on its first art walk on St. Patrick's Day (March 17) with art exhibits and entertainment at many of the businesses. Brought to you by the people of South Perry Pizza and supported by the South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association, the plan is to have an art walk on the third Thursday of every month. Here's the line up - wear green:

Original art @ Odyssey Youth Center, 1121 S. Perry
Tea information and samples @ Lorien Herbs and Natural Foods, 1102 S. Perry
Paintings by Dennis Strasser @ South Perry Pizza, 1011 S. Perry
Woodwork by Dan McGrew @ The Lantern Tavern, 1004 S. Perry
Original artwork @ The Altamont Pharmacy, 928 S. Perry
Music & The Lion's Share theater @ The South Perry Farmers' Market, 915 S. Perry

The Farmers Market is open from 3-6 p.m. and most other venues are open during the same time.
The South Perry Blog will be roaming the venues starting around 3 p.m. - see you there.

Street Fair update

The Street Fair and Parade is on July 16. This year, the street fair is trying to move on to the street - out of the park. It will save a permit fee for the park. A parade coordinator is needed. The parade coordinator gets parade participants lined up in the parking lot at Hi-Co, has everyone sign waivers and collects the $5 entry fee.
The next fair meeting is on March 21 at 4 p.m. at the Perry Street Cafe. Anybody who's interested is welcome to show up - no need to RSVP.

And the winner is…

Everyone who's applying for funds this year, except Interfaith Hospitality, have received funds from the Fair and Parade before. Two donations of $1000 will be available.
The proceeds come from vendors' fees, donations and sponsors.
There are limits to how the SPBNA can raise money as it's not a registered non-profit.
There's some conversation about how organizations can do their own fundraising during the fair. A vote is taken by secret ballot - everyone picks top two charities.

Team Grant and Interfaith Hospitality got the most votes.

Who gets a share of street fair proceeds?

Here are short introductions to the groups asking for support this year:

Odyssey Youth Center - a local center for LGBTQA youth, the only one of its kind in the Spokane and north Idaho-area. They do social activities, programs and provide a safe place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and questioning youth and their allies. They are losing grant funding and searching for monies to cover a growing need - they are only open three days a week.

Martin Luther King Center - the center is specifically seeking funding for its summer program for 3.5 to 12 year olds. It's called the Summer Youth Academy and it provides art projects, field trips and music and community projects. Tuition is $470 per kid per month. The center would like to plan and organize the children games and activities at the Summer Fair and Parade (on July 16). Between 50 and 60 kids were in the summer program last year.

Team Grant - this is the parent group at Grant Elementary School. They support a sports program and the drummers and dancers. The sports include basketball and volley ball as well as cross country in spring and fall. More than 60 percent of kids at Grant qualify for free or reduced lunch, so the need for support is huge. Team Grant also has an emergency fund that  may give out a gift card to a grocery store.

Interfaith Hospitality - a homeless center for children and their families. They are part of Family Promise, and have been open here since 1997. More than 400 families have been helped and the organization's prime directory is to work with children. Asides from emergency housing they also provide a day center. At night, the homeless families are housed at local churches. They are in survival mode they say - with a very small staff and they've lost a lot of funding. About 75 percent of funding comes from partner churches. The need is not going down.

It’s a full house at Perry Street Cafe tonight

The South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association is just gathering at the Perry Street Cafe - there's about 20 people here - which is the largest group I've seen so far.
Everyone is looking forward to the presentations from the non-profits and other neighborhood organizations who are trying to get a share of the proceeds from this summer's Parade and Fair.

Perry Street meeting tonight

The South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association is meeting tonight at the Perry Street Cafe. The meeting begins with introductions at 6 p.m. and usually lasts a few hours. The blog will be there - watch for live updates.
Tonight is the night Perry non-profits show up and make the case for why they should receive proceed from the Fair and Parade this summer.
Lots of other things on the agenda, including an update on the March 17 art walk and plans for summer concerts.

Art walk on South Perry is a fact

The first South Perry Art Walk – aka Third Thursday – will be celebrated on March 17 from 4-8 p.m. Eight South Perry businesses and organizations have signed up , but there are still room for more. To sign up your business e-mail
Each participant organizes its own art and entertainment – South Perry Pizza will have a show of art by Dennis Strasser.

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