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City council to look at East Central alcohol impact zones

This came via e-mail this morning from Julie Postma of the South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association:

“This past spring, after gathering information and engaging in a lively discussion, the South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association voted to request a Voluntary Alcohol Impact Area (AIA) for the South Perry Business District. It was our understanding that the East Sprague corridor was likely to have a mandatory AIA as early as this fall. With the Downtown area already covered by a Mandatory AIA, we felt it would be advisable to monitor problems with the cheap, high alcohol content beverages covered by AIA’s. The AIA rules also require that an application for a new or renewed liquor license that includes off
premises sales have an additional 60 day period for response from local authorities.
Here's a link to the state's website with details on AIAs.
This spring, East Sprague businesses raised concerns about unfair competition from businesses located near, but outside of, the East Sprague AIA.
In June, city council man Jon Snyder responded to these concerns by working with law enforcement to develop a proposal for an expanded AIA which would include expanding the area out East Sprague to the city limits and adding a leg up into the South Perry Business District.
Over the last two months there has been much discussion and confusion over where that leaves SPBNA and our vote to pursue the voluntary AIA for our District. Residents of the entire East Central Neighborhood, including the South Perry Business District, were invited to attend and share their view with the East Central Neighborhood Council at their July meeting. There were strong opinions for and against the AIA, as well as concerns about what felt like an attempt to short circuit our South Perry process.
The Spokane City Council intends to take up a proposal to include South Perry in the East Sprague AIA, but it would be a VOLUNTARY AIA for another six months, to give the newly included areas the required six months of a VOLUNTARY AIA. It is expected that this  proposal will come before the Spokane City Council on August 22nd at an open council meeting, at which anyone can sign up to speak.”

Council man Jon Snyder may be reached at

Alcohol impact zone discussion Tuesday

The proposed alcohol impact zone around the South Perry Business District will be a topic of discussion at Tuesday's East Central Neighborhood Council meeting. The meeting is held at East Central Community Center (500 S. Stone) at 6:45 p.m. on July 19.
Neighbors and members of the South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association are encouraged to participate and share their opinions at tomorrow's meeting.
One reason for applying for an alcohol impact zone now is that other neighborhoods (including the International District on East Sprague and Browne's Addition) are applying for the same listing. Alcohol impact zones limit the variety of single serving high alcohol beverages that can be sold from grocery stores and gas station, in an effort to limit public alcohol consumption and public intoxication.

Here are links to stories dealing with the proposed alcohol impact zone around South Perry and Grant Park and the alcohol impact zone already in place downtown.

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