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Third Thursday art walk

Hey neighbors - the South Perry Business District is trying to get a Third Thursday Art Walk off the ground. The next one is tomorrow, where Michael Sherriffs Hall is showing at South Perry Pizza.
See Michael's art here. Look for art and exhibits at other South Perry businesses - and don't forget that it's farmers market day from 3-7 p.m.

Picture is from last year's South Perry Farmers Market tomato festival

First, second, third…

The blog was at the Neighborhood Business Center advisory team meeting this morning and heard that the Garland District is now starting it's own art walk on every last Friday of the month - first one is on May 27.
That's a nice addition to the Third Thursday art walk on South Perry (next time on May 19) and of course the First Friday downtown - coming up tomorrow.

Do you go to art walks? Do you have any favorite art forms? Do you paint or draw? What's your favorite art event in Spokane?

Art walk today!

It's already time again for Third Thursday Art Walk on South Perry - sorry for the late notice - but here are a few highlights:
At  South Perry Pizza you will find Shani Marchant's eclectic large oil paintings and watercolors. Meet the artist from 5-8 p.m.
At the South Perry Farmers Market, from 3-6 p.m., you'll find art by Grant Elementary School students created for the Riverkeeper and Earth Month Art Show and auction. The blog hears there are some great young artists at Grant - don't miss it.
Other businesses will have art on display, too - the rain and snow has stopped - take a walk in the South Perry Neighborhood this afternoon.

Okay - so it’s a small art walk

- but it's nice to see something come to fruition that the neighborhood has been talking about for a long, long time. Look for green and white baloons outside participating shops. Don't forget to stop by Veda Lux - great vintage finds today, and not everything is green.
It's the people at South Perry Pizza who are behind the art walk… I'm pretty sure they have the Gonzaga game on as well.

Art on South Perry

The business district is hosting Third Thursday today for the first time. There was childrens theater earlier at the South Perry Farmers Market, and many of the local merchants have specials going on this evening.
Notice the huge paintings in the windows of the old Altamont Pharmacy. Spokane artist Katherine Brower is exhibiting in the big windows - nice to see some life in the old building.

It’s Third Thursday

The South Perry Business District is putting on its first art walk on St. Patrick's Day (March 17) with art exhibits and entertainment at many of the businesses. Brought to you by the people of South Perry Pizza and supported by the South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association, the plan is to have an art walk on the third Thursday of every month. Here's the line up - wear green:

Original art @ Odyssey Youth Center, 1121 S. Perry
Tea information and samples @ Lorien Herbs and Natural Foods, 1102 S. Perry
Paintings by Dennis Strasser @ South Perry Pizza, 1011 S. Perry
Woodwork by Dan McGrew @ The Lantern Tavern, 1004 S. Perry
Original artwork @ The Altamont Pharmacy, 928 S. Perry
Music & The Lion's Share theater @ The South Perry Farmers' Market, 915 S. Perry

The Farmers Market is open from 3-6 p.m. and most other venues are open during the same time.
The South Perry Blog will be roaming the venues starting around 3 p.m. - see you there.

Art walk on South Perry is a fact

The first South Perry Art Walk – aka Third Thursday – will be celebrated on March 17 from 4-8 p.m. Eight South Perry businesses and organizations have signed up , but there are still room for more. To sign up your business e-mail
Each participant organizes its own art and entertainment – South Perry Pizza will have a show of art by Dennis Strasser.

Art walk, music in the park, oh my

Judging by the activity level, spring has already sprung in the South Perry neighborhood. In short order, there's an art walk scheduled for St. Patrick's Day, March 17. The plan is for this to be the first “Third Thursday” art walk on South Perry.
A group is gathering to put together a couple of concerts in Grant Park this summer - more details forthcoming.
And on Monday, 2/28, the Perry Street Fair committee is meeting at the Perry Street Cafe at 4 p.m. - please join this meeting. The annual fair and parade needs as many volunteers as we can stuff into the Perry Street Cafe.
Finally - don't forget to stop by the South Perry Farmers Market. The snow shouldn't discourage you, the market is cozy indoors just next to the Buddhist Temple. Open from 3-6 p.m. Thursday afternoon.
(The photo is from last summer's fair and parade - to remind you that it may be snowing right now, but summer is on the way)

Perry art walk meeting Tuesday

“A group of business owners and friends of the South Perry district have been chatting about the possibility of putting together something similar to downtown's “First Friday” art event. We have decided to meet today, Feb. 1, at 6:00pm at South Perry Pizza, to discuss the idea further. Please come if you are interested in talking about this project! (No purchase is required.)”
Via e-mail from
MaryAnn Delaney

Proposed art walk on South Perry

The owners of South Perry Pizza are trying to get an art walk together for the last Thursday of February. Drop in on the restaurant if you'd like to volunteer or find South Perry Pizza on Facebook. Having the art walk on a Thursday means the Farmers' Market can be involved and also that the event wont compete with First Friday downtown.

It looks like the meeting is winding down by now - look for follow up stories on all these issues in coming Voice sections. And don't forget to leave your comments here on the blog. Or you can e-mail the blog at

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