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Recognize this bike?

The blog is looking for the owner of this bike. He stopped by my house on South Perry looking for work very early Tuesday morning - and he left the bike behind. He's a smaller man, around 5'3'' and of slight build. He looked to be 30 years old, or older. He is developmentally disabled and was wearing dark-colored jogging clothes and a white, plastic bike helmet on top of a knitted stocking cap. I just want to get the bike back to him. Email me at if you know who he is.

Cycle safely

The city and the Spokane Police Department sent out a joint press release last week about bicycle safety. It included the following reminders about how to share the road:

Cyclists should ride in the same direction as traffic (no weaving in and out) in the middle of the lane or the center of the bike lane or sharrow - and they should obey traffic signs and signals.

Cyclists should wear a helmet, bright colors and use a front white light and a red rear reflector; and leave the headphones at home. You can’t hear traffic over Van Halen on your iPod.

Cyclists should NOT ride on the sidewalk, it’s illegal, you can get a $103 infraction for doing so.

The rules for motorists include: remain behind the bicyclist until it’s safe to pass, then pass on the left and don’t drive or park in a bike lane.

Motorists should remember that bicyclists may legally occupy the travel lane when passing, making a left turn, avoiding a hazard or when the lane is narrow.

So how is this working for all of you out there? Do you bike? Do you bike commute? What about bike lanes in this town and neighborhood? What could be done on South Perry Street to make it more bike friendly?


Bike all year round, not just this week

Spokane bicycle advocate Barb Chamberlain stopped by the South Perry Blog this morning. We are fast approaching the end of ‘Bike to Work Week’ and Chamberlain said the tournout has been solid. “We have about 1,300 people registered and it’s not too late to register,” said Chamberlain. She’s also hoping more bike commuters will join Bike to Work Spokane on Facebook as a way to stay connected with the bike community in Spokane. “We may change our format a bit next year to where we sign people up year round, not just this week.” One goal of the Bike to Work Spokane group is to get a good estimate of how many people acutally bike commute. Last year’s bike count didn’t quite work out, said Chamberlain, because it was really nasty rainy weather and it was only possible to count bikers in a few locations. “If we sign people up year round, we’d get a much better estimate of how many people ride there bikes to work,” Chamberlain said. And then she put on her helmet and rode off.

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Welcome to the South Perry neighborhood blog. My name is Pia Hallenberg and I’ve worked as a journalist in Spokane since the fall of 1998; for the last four years I’ve lived on South Perry Street.

I love the neighborhood so when time came to pick an area for The Spokesman-Review’s first neighborhood blog, the choice was simple: South Perry is where it’s at.

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