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Beautiful morning at Sonora Smart Dodd House

There was quite a house full of people this morning when the Sonora Smart Dodd House received it’s official designation and was added to the National Historic Register. And it was no doubt just the way Dodd - the founder of Father’s Day - would have liked it.
“Thank you all so much for coming this morning, and for being part of helping us with this process,” said Jerry Numbers, who owns the house together with his wife, Beverly.
Mayor Mary Verner said she was delighted to be at such a beautifully restored home in a neighborhood she calls her own.
“In the last year we have learned so much about Sonora Smart Dodd, the founder of Father’s Day,” said Verner. “This year’s centennial celebration was the focus of the entire city of Spokane.”
Dr. Allyson Brooks, Washington State Historic Preservation Officer, said she loves Spokane.
“Spokane is really ahead in acknowledging its historic places in comparison to so many other towns,” Brooks said.
Just before the dignitaries each got a screw so they could mount the new plaque on the house, U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers added her voice to the congratulations: “Today we get to recognize the original owners of the house, the Dodd’s and Jerry and Beverly Numbers,” said McMorris Rodgers. “This is one of only three buildings in the state that are deemed nationally historically significant.” Reverend Happy Watkins then gave the home a short blessing and everyone went inside for cake.

Father’s Day celebration in the neighborhood

Here’s a link to Jim Kershner’s wonderful story about Sonora Smart Dodd - the woman who created Father’s Day 100 years ago. Tomorrow, Sunday, there’s a celebration at her former home on South Arthur - the home has been restored by its current owner, Jerry Numbers, and is located at 603 S. Arthur.

Students plant white oak at Grant Elementary

Grant students read 1,789 books - yes, that’s correct - over the past four weeks as part of the Read For Trees program. Every completed book gave the student one vote toward either a White Oak or a Wilson Elm, and the oak won: 1,226 votes compared to 563 for the elm.

Today, at a special Father’s Day assembly at 2 p.m., the students planted the tree near the school, in Grant Park.

Jerry Numbers, who’s been an East Central neighborhood activist for many years, owns and has restored the house here in the South Perry neighborhood where Sonora Smart Dodd - the founder of Father’s Day - lived. “It’s so nice to see all the books you have read,” Numbers told the students, before sharing that Jack Dodd, Sonora’s son, went to school at Grant almost 100 years ago. “That’s why we are planting the tree here.”

Nancy McKarrow was there representing Susie’s Forest - a tree planting project she is heading up in memory of her daughter, Susie Stephens. McKarrow donated the White Oak. She complimented the students for all the books they read and reminded them to be careful when crossing the road: “My daugther was a pedestrian and she was run over by a bus - that’s how she died. Every time I look at a tree, I think of Susie. You will have memories connected to this tree, too.”

Tree planting at Grant Elementary today

Spokane Father’s Day Centennial Celebration Committee is planting a tree today at Grant Elementary School at 2:30 p.m. Grant is located at 1300 E. Ninth Avenue and was chosen as a tree planting site because of its connection to Sonora Smart Dodd, the Spokane woman who founded Father’s Day. Her son, Jack Dodd, went to Grant from 1915 to 1922. Dodd’s house is located in the South Perry Neighborhood.

Today’s ceremony starts at 2 p.m. with a program inside the school.

Father’s Day was held for the first time in Spokane on June 19, 1910 - for more information about this year’s centennial celebration go to

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