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Vandalism, car prowlings super annoying

I was a victim of the car break-ins the other night. Our car was parked in front of the house and sometime during the night the back window was smashed. There was nothing of value in the car; it just appeared to be random vandalism. Be sure to keep all items out of sight and you if see any unusual activity in your neighborhood please call Crime Check. Every piece of information they can get helps to build cases and catch suspects.

From Tony Kliment.

Project on Ninth Avenue long way to go

From Tony Kliment: I took a walk down Ninth Ave. this weekend and it looks like the project has a long way to go. There’s about half a mile of sewer and water main pipe laying on the road and there is still another half mile to go. And soon the intersection of 9th and Altamont will be closed completely as the project crosses that intersection. I’m not sure why it was closed-up so early on, other than the streets aren’t safe for the increased traffic that would be going through looking for a way out (which is not so easy).

Ann Deasy, public information coordinator for the city of Spokane and the person in charge of keeping us all updated on road construction, just e-mailed and said the entire project is expected to be completed by the end of December. Street closures will follow the project as it progresses east-ward.

Expect Altamont to remain closed for about the same time. Why? Probably because it feeds a lot of traffic onto Ninth Avenue which is closed, and there is no easy way “out” or “around” once you get up there. Be patient.

A Peary fair?

We have just celebrated Unity in the Community and the Garland Avenue Fair with its ongoing theme of Judy Garland and the Wizard of Oz. That leads me to wonder what if the Perry Street Fair had a theme? We could go with something like a Perry Mason “Who Done It?” theme, but that might work better for West Broadway Avenue.

A Joe Perry Street Fair would certainly be fun, especially if Joe and his Aerosmith band mates made regular appearances.

A Peary Street Fair has potential in both uniqueness and fun potential. Peary is a traditional alcoholic pear cider originally from France. All kinds of possibilities for this one, perhaps our friends at the Lantern Tavern can get us started. Posted by Tony Kliment.



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I love the neighborhood so when time came to pick an area for The Spokesman-Review’s first neighborhood blog, the choice was simple: South Perry is where it’s at.

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