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What would you ask the Mayor Verner?

The South Perry Neighborhood and Business Association’s annual meeting is tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the Emmaunel Life Center (631 S. Richard Allen Court) and Mayor Mary Verner, city council members Jon Snyder and Richard Rush will be there. So will the South Perry Blog.
In her annual statement of conditions and affairs at last night’s city council meeting, Mayor Mary Verner outlined a General Fund budget that is expected to include 120 fewer positions than in 2010 and severely reduced services.
“As elected leaders, we must convey this reality to our citizens,” the Mayor told the Council. “We are not whining or expecting our citizens to shoulder big tax increases. We simply cannot afford to add new services without eliminating or reducing a service that we offer today.”
What would you like to ask Mayor Verner and the council members tonight?


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Welcome to the South Perry neighborhood blog. My name is Pia Hallenberg and I’ve worked as a journalist in Spokane since the fall of 1998; for the last four years I’ve lived on South Perry Street.

I love the neighborhood so when time came to pick an area for The Spokesman-Review’s first neighborhood blog, the choice was simple: South Perry is where it’s at.

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