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Another volunteer opportunity?

So far, nine people have responded to the request for volunteers to clean up the Pittsburg Trail. That's awesome - but what's really great is that the city took care of the cleanup yesterday. Including the graffiti. Neighbors are happy. The question is if there's another volunteer cleanup project in the neighborhood that could be tackled? See the note below from Jerry Numbers - East Central Neighborhood Chair:

Nice article on the Ben Burr Trail.  The East Central Neighborhood Council actually has a committee that has been working on trail rehabilitation and improvement for the past several years.  Last year we did extensive investment in the trail head improvement into Liberty Park and are currently looking toward improvements at the other end.  The Pittsburg connection was an EC investment back in the 80's and has been a good link from the park to the Grant Park/South Perry neighborhood but it has also been the location of extensive grafitti.  The east COP shop has also been involved when graffiti is reported.  It is difficult to keep up with the vandalism and we have had no current reports.  I would be very interested in speaking with Virginia and try to collaborate with the EC Council for the cleanup.  We are currently planning for our neighborhood cleanup and this could become a part of it.I am currently chair of the neighborhood council.
Jerry Numbers

The cleanup that wasn’t needed

Check out this e-mail from the City of Spokane - it looks like the Pittsburg Stairs are getting cleaned up right now:
“Public right of way and public lands in Spokane fall under the Spokane Regional Solid Waste System program for litter control.  A portion of the tipping charges for solid waste are used to support a Litter Control Crew which is used to pickup illegal dumping and littering sites on public right of way and public land.  There are some exceptions to this—bridges, parks, and I-90, for example—but then there are specific agencies that can help.
Since this trail lies in the public right of way and is under public ownership, we have sent the Litter Crew out there today to pick up the litter and illegal dumping along this trail.  The public can contact the Litter Control Crew by calling the City’s Code Enforcement Office at 625-6083.  Our policy is to respond within 24 hours (excluding holidays and weekends) for such illegal dumping and littering.
Marlene Feist, Public Affairs Officer, City of Spokane”

The blog heard from seven people who volunteered to help with the cleanup - and there was a donation of pizzas from South Perry Pizza to feed everyone - any suggestions for another project for this group?
Those who responded to the blog will get a direct email this afternoon.

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