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South Perry neighborhood meeting tonight

This just in from Julie Postma, secretary of the South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association:

“Just a reminder that we have a SPBNA meeting tonight at 6pm at the Perry Street Café. We hope to see you there.

After reviewing the minutes Spencer Granger emailed to inform our group that our neighborhood does have a current webpage,  He created this site over a year ago as a static site (no updates). The site itself is free, but he does pay for the renewal of our domain each year, which is roughly $15/year. He would be more than happy to transfer this basic site into the hands of another member of the organization.

He writes that “the site is serving its purpose by providing basic information, contact resources, and links to various neighborhood resources.” We are to  let him know if there is any interest from the group in developing a more comprehensive online presence. ”

Annual SPBNA meeting tonight

The South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association’s annual meeting is on Monday, Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. at South Perry Pizza (1011 S. Perry Street). Doors open at 6:30 p.m. for socializing.
You’ll get an overview of SPBNA’s projects such as the Grant Park Community Garden and the concert series in Grant Park.
There will also be a conversation about the Street Fair and of plans for next year.
A repeat of last year's sock and hat drive for Grant Elementary School is on hold, becuase It turns out that there are enough coats, hats and mittens at this point. However, there are requestes for boys and girls underwear and for sweatpants (underwear should be new and still wrapped). Please bring a donation for Team Grant.

The blog will be there tonight - see you there.

Perry annual meeting on Oct. 17

The South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association is holding its annual meeting on Monday Oct. 17 at South Perry Pizza. A time and agenda has yet to be determined, stay tuned for more information.

Alcohol impact zone around South Perry -

(- kind'a live blogging from the meeting tonight:)

Alcohol impact area discussion: downtown already has an alcohol impact zone and the International District is moving to adapt one - South Perry is considering one. It requires retailers to pull single-serve high alcohol content drinks from the shelves, to limit public consumption of alcohol.
If downtown and East Central alcohol impact zones become mandatory, South Perry will become the closest place to purchase alcohol mainly for public consumption. The neighborhood must adopt a voluntary alcohol impact area before the neighborhood can have a mandatory alcohol impact zone.
The group will send a letter to all local businesses.

Public intoxication calls downtown have gone down since the alcohol impact impact zone was adopted. Here's a story about the impact of the downtown alcohol impact zone from earlier this spring.

A city council member must sponsor the application to the State Liqor Control Board. Some businesses are opposed to the change, because they make a significant amount of sales on single-serve alcohol.
An alcohol impact zone does not prevent sale of alcohol; it targets sales of single cans and bottles of alcohol - stuff that's typically consumed right outside the store or in parks.

It will take a couple of years for the alcohol impact zone to become a reality.
The South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association voted to approach John Snyder about this issue.

Leave comments about the alcohol impact area here - or e-mail them to

South Perry neighborhood meeting tonight

The South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association meets tonight at the Perry Street Cafe at 6 p.m. Here's a great opportunity to get involved in your neighborhood's dealings - big and small.
On the agenda tonight is the election of a secretary and updates about all the summer events, from the street fair and parade to the community garden and the farmers market.
The farmers market is moving back outdoors in The Shop parking lot on May 19 - hours will be from 3-7 p.m. and the first two weeks will be gardening themed, so bring your questions for master gardeners and other advisors.
The photo is from last year's outdoor market.

Business and neighborhood meeting Tuesday

The South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association is having its monthly meeting on Tuesday, April 12, at 6 p.m. at the Perry Street Cafe.
Come and get updates on Perry Street events: the Street Fair and Parade, the  Farmers Market, the community garden in Grant Park, school and neighborhood updates.
Volunteers are always needed for many projects.

This just in: the Grant Garden steering committee is having a meeting on Thursday, April 14, at 6:30 p.m. at Liberty Park United Methodist Church (1526 East 11th Avenue). Stop by and see a drawing for the garden, and rules and requirements from the Spokane Parks and Recreation Department. There may also be some fence estimates (the blog hears this is a bit more costly than first planned?) and ideas for registration/fees. For questions about the Grant Garden please e-mail

And the winner is…

Everyone who's applying for funds this year, except Interfaith Hospitality, have received funds from the Fair and Parade before. Two donations of $1000 will be available.
The proceeds come from vendors' fees, donations and sponsors.
There are limits to how the SPBNA can raise money as it's not a registered non-profit.
There's some conversation about how organizations can do their own fundraising during the fair. A vote is taken by secret ballot - everyone picks top two charities.

Team Grant and Interfaith Hospitality got the most votes.

Who gets a share of street fair proceeds?

Here are short introductions to the groups asking for support this year:

Odyssey Youth Center - a local center for LGBTQA youth, the only one of its kind in the Spokane and north Idaho-area. They do social activities, programs and provide a safe place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and questioning youth and their allies. They are losing grant funding and searching for monies to cover a growing need - they are only open three days a week.

Martin Luther King Center - the center is specifically seeking funding for its summer program for 3.5 to 12 year olds. It's called the Summer Youth Academy and it provides art projects, field trips and music and community projects. Tuition is $470 per kid per month. The center would like to plan and organize the children games and activities at the Summer Fair and Parade (on July 16). Between 50 and 60 kids were in the summer program last year.

Team Grant - this is the parent group at Grant Elementary School. They support a sports program and the drummers and dancers. The sports include basketball and volley ball as well as cross country in spring and fall. More than 60 percent of kids at Grant qualify for free or reduced lunch, so the need for support is huge. Team Grant also has an emergency fund that  may give out a gift card to a grocery store.

Interfaith Hospitality - a homeless center for children and their families. They are part of Family Promise, and have been open here since 1997. More than 400 families have been helped and the organization's prime directory is to work with children. Asides from emergency housing they also provide a day center. At night, the homeless families are housed at local churches. They are in survival mode they say - with a very small staff and they've lost a lot of funding. About 75 percent of funding comes from partner churches. The need is not going down.

It’s a full house at Perry Street Cafe tonight

The South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association is just gathering at the Perry Street Cafe - there's about 20 people here - which is the largest group I've seen so far.
Everyone is looking forward to the presentations from the non-profits and other neighborhood organizations who are trying to get a share of the proceeds from this summer's Parade and Fair.

Perry Street meeting tonight

The South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association is meeting tonight at the Perry Street Cafe. The meeting begins with introductions at 6 p.m. and usually lasts a few hours. The blog will be there - watch for live updates.
Tonight is the night Perry non-profits show up and make the case for why they should receive proceed from the Fair and Parade this summer.
Lots of other things on the agenda, including an update on the March 17 art walk and plans for summer concerts.

Perry business meeting tonight

The South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association is meeting tonight at the Perry Street Cafe. The meeting opens at 6 p.m. and is expected to run through 7:30 p.m. On the agenda - among many things - are:
organizational issues including a discussion of voting rights; committee reports, inlcuding updates from promotion, design, outreach/organizing and economic development committees. The last two need a chair - please join if you have the time to volunteer.
There will also be an update on the proposed community garden in Grant Park.

To be added to the SPBNA mailing list send a note to Heidi Hash at

Neigborhoods Matter

The Neighborhood Matters program (through the Spokane Regional Health District) is off to a good start in East Central. One thing they are working on is the creation of a community kitchen at Liberty Park United Methodist Church - this wouldn't be gourmet cooking classes, but rather a hands-on approach to how a family can prepare more than one meal at a time and increase its sense of food security.
Other outreach programs include an effort to reduce smoking among pregnant women - twice as many pregnant women in Spokane smoke as compared to the rest of the state.

East Central Library is open for business

Some credit is given to a group of parents and Sheridan kids that showed up at a city council meeting. The neighborhood is very happy about this, and everyone is encouraged to use it - a lot - this next year. The library is planning various outreach events to gain more members and perhaps - perhaps - have an amnesty period for outstanding fines.
It's possible that the SPBNA can raise some of the money to cover the cost of the fines. The total number of not-returned books and outstanding fines is not yet known.
Kids may not be able to get a library card because their parents' library card is blocked. A library card is blocked once there are $10 in outstanding fines.
Jerry Numbers reminded everyone that books can be reserved online and then picked up at the library of your choice. The  tone around the table is very much “use it or lose it.”
There is a proposed computer lab for East Central Community Center - supposedly there is still plenty of room for that, even if the library stays open and stays where it's at.
The library needs volunteers to do some of the tasks that don't have to be done by librarians - contact the library to find register.

Updates -

Heidi Hash said the sock drive has been very successful and the bins will remain at local merchants until Feb. 1. Currently there are collection bins at Roots, Liberty Park Florist, The Shop and South Perry Pizza.
“We really need some more socks, so if you have some to put in the bins please go ahead,” Hash added before she ran off to bingo night at Grant Elementary School.
There are still some money coming in from South Perry t-shirts sales - the shirts were made for the fair and parade, summer of 2010.
As part of the neighborhood development work, a series of work committees has been created and priorities esatblished for projects such as outreach and promotions, walkability (in the neighborhood) and economic development.
Many of the committees are interelated and people were encouraged to work together among themselves to coordinate overlapping issues.

The blog is at the SPBNA meeting

- and there are quite a few people here! Nice. Business people, neighborhood people, market place people. Looks to be a great discussion. On the agenda is a community garden in Grant Park and a possible art walk in the neighborhood.


The South Perry Neighborhood and Business Association is meeting Tuesday Jan. 11 at 6 p.m. at the Perry Street Cafe. Everyone is welcome - the blog will be there, too.

There's a game of book bingo at Grant Elementary (1300 E. Ninth Avenue) Tuesday Jan. 11 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Bring a new or gently used book and play to win another. It's free and there's a bake sale, too.

The South Perry Blog LOVES getting community announcements like these - please keep them coming.
E-mail to

SPBNA is gaining momentum

The South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association decided to start a boot, sock, hats, mitten and scarf drive to benefit students at Grant Elementary School. The blog agreed to help out setting this up.

About 90 percent of kids at Grant qualify for free or reduced lunch, and there is a huge need for winter clothing – especially boots, socks, mittens and hats. Watch for collection bins to appear at Perry businesses soon – contact the blog at if you have larger donations of new or slightly used winter boots, socks/tights, hats, mittens and scarves.
There was a long discussion about the need to update bylaws for the South Perry Business and Neighbor Association. A membership fee hasn’t been charged for four or five years.

Many businesses don’t attend on a regular basis, and the SPBNA doesn’t have any representation at the city’s business center meetings. Those meetings are the first Friday every month at 7 a.m. Krista from South Perry Pizza agreed to take contact to the city and try to make the meetings, so she can report back to the group. A work group of three people will look at the bylaws and propose updates to the group as soon as possible.

The officers remain mostly the same for another year, in order to secure that bylaws are updated and structure of SPBNA is solidified. Only changes are that Spencer Grainger agreed to help secretary Heidi Hash – she is very active with Grant Elementary and may miss a meeting once in a while - and Marshall Powell is the new vice president.

Neighborhood meeting Tuesday

Just a little reminder that the South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association is meeting Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. at the Perry Street Cafe. Everyone is welcome, neighbors, businesses, Grant parents… please join the group that’s trying to make your neighborhood an even better place. There are three board positions open for nomination.

Annual meeting drew a crowd

Here’s a link to the full story about the South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association’s annual meeting on Tuesday. There were lots of people there - including Mayor Mary Verner and city council member Jon Snyder.
Today, the blog will be at the South Perry Farmers’ Market from 3 to about 5 p.m. - come in and say hello and tell me about what you are planning for fall. Any big Halloween parties coming up? Late season yard sales? Concerts? The neighborhood could really benefit from some live music…
The Farmers Market is celebrating harvest today with a pumpkin decorating contest, live music and a free pumpkin decorating booth for the kids.
The market continues in The Shop parking lot, every Thursday from 3 to 7 p.m. until November, when it moves indoors at the Emmanuel Life Center.

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