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Today’s partisan videos: Rush on bi-, Pelosi on non-

Limbaugh all for bipartisanship as he sees it

Pelosi won’t even go there

Today’s fun video: Stupid criminal tricks

Not really political, but it does show that all miscreants are not master criminal geniuses…at least not the ones in New Zealand.

Today’s fun video: Congressional spoof

The funding debates haven’t come down to this…yet.

Today’s fun video

Post inaugural high-fiving (a bit dated, but it has a good beat, and, you know, you could dance to it, So I’d give it an 87.)

HIGH-FIVE INAUGURATION! - watch more funny videos

Today’s video: Sen. Oprah?

Governor-for-the-time-being Rod Blagojevich is everywhere today (except in Springfield where his impeachment trial is proceeding without him). His most extensive interview was probably on Good Morning America.

Today’s fun video: What’s in a name?

In this small Japanese city, some money.
Take that everyone who though Obama was an Irish name…

How should we give politicians a raise

Many elected officials, from Washington, D.C., to Spokane, Wash., are getting a raise this year.

The fact that they are getting more money in what might charitably be described as “hard times,” has some people angry.

It’s also fodder for some pretty good satire, particularly on late night television. If you weren’t so tired from shoveling snow to stay awake on recent nights, you could have caught comedians getting big laughs by pointing out that Congress, which gets a raise despite landing the nation trillions in debt, was dissing auto executives for their big salaries and being billions in debt.

But the real problem isn’t how much more they get, but how they get it – with very little effort and very little accountability.

Today’s video: Palin looks back

Sarah Palin dishes on the campaign, the media, Katie Couric, Carolyn Kennedy.

Break out the popcorn

Here’s a chance to impress your date, courtesy of the City of Spokane. Councilman Richard Rush is hosting a film series, for free, at City Hall.

And even a discussion afterwards to explore your impressions of the film. How deep can you get?

One Friday a month through June, he’ll be showing a film, with the Jan. 16 offering being “The Art and Science of Renzo Piano.”

Don’t go looking this one up in Dan Webster’s Movies and More, though…

Today’s video: New rules in the U.S. House

What the House did on the first day (after swearing in the newcomers).

Rumor mill: Something big coming Tuesday

Gov. Chris Gregoire’s office has an early announcement of something big — they won’t say what — Tuesday morning.

Early, as in possibly before 8 a.m.

That means it’s timed to something in another time zone, such as Eastern Standard Time, which is what the other Washington runs on.

While they won’t say what it is, there is an indication of WHAT IT IS NOT…

Taking the initiative

Monday is the opening day of the initiative season in Washington (which lasts even longer than Baseball Season, because it goes from today until the general election.)

There to throw out the first pitch, as expected, was Tim Eyman, with a tax limiting initiative.

But Eyman wasn’t the only one sending paperwork into the secretary of state’s office…

Magnuson Club cancelled

The Magnuson Club, that venerable monthly gathering of Democrats for lunch, news and gossip, has cancelled today’s meeting.

Because of snow…but you probably guessed that.

Tim Eyman: He’s baaaackk (of course)

The following things are reliable indicators that a new year has begun:
The big ball drops in Times Square.
Several hundred brave but foolish souls dash into Lake Coeur d’Alene.
Tim Eyman announces he’s got a new intiative to file with the Secretary of State’s office.
Surprise, surprise, surprise, as Gomer Pyle would say. This initiative is all about….

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