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THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 2009, 10:40 A.M.

Congress must be very busy

A previous post may have seemed snide for noting the Washington Legislature is considering naming the Olympic marmot as the state mammal. And a certain amount of snideness was intended.

But the Legislature seems to be a piker on wasting time compared to its governmental "big brother" in Washington, D.C. The House of Representatives really knows how to get down to business.

On Tuesday it passed a resolution "expressing support for the designation of . . . School Social Work Week." On a 416-0 vote, no less.

This is not to say that Schools aren't important or Social Work isn't important, or that School Social Work as a combined concept doesn't deserve it's own week of support, or at least recognition.

But School Social Work Week was March 1-8. The House took the vote on March 24. So when you come right down to it, how much support does that really express? Really?

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