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Wassup: April 28

Biggest action for Washington state today is in the other Washington. The U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments in Doe v. Reed, the dispute over making public the names of people who sign initiative and refererndum petitions.

Attorney General Rob McKenna, who is arguing the case for the state, is scheduled to have a telephonic press conference at 10 a.m. from Washington, D.C., with Secretary of State Sam Reed, who is the named defendant in the case. Quick recap: Opponents of same-sex marriage, who opposed last year's law to expand domestic partner rights, circulated Referendum 71 to put it to a vote in November. They got enough signatures, but a supporter of gay rights filed a public records request to get all the names to post in the Internet. R-71 sponsors balked, went to court, and various judges have ruled the signatures are or aren't public records.

The case is the last to be heard this term by the Supremes.

Meanwhile, here's Jon Stewart's one-minute take on yesterday.

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