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WA Lege: RIP assault weapon ban, sovereignty bill, Erickson Day

OLYMPIA -- Some obituaries were written over the weekend for bills that "died" in the Senate last week. That is, they didn't get out of their committee after having a hearing .

It's a list with enough diversity to make everyone shed a tear and heave a sigh. Among the casualties:

SB 6396: A state ban on what are often called military style semi-automatic assault weapons.

SB 6472: Requiring proof of citizenship or U.S. birth certificate, plus party preference when registering to vote.

SJM 8005: Urging federal officials to keep "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance.

SJM:8018: Asserting state sovereignty under the 10th Amendment

SJM 8020: Calling for a repeal of the 17th Amendment, which requires U.S. Senators to be elected, rather than appointed by the Legislature.

SB: 6486: Free flu shots for hospital and health care workers.

SB 6452: Requiring limited service pregnancy centers, often operated by church groups opposed to abortion, from give truthful and  medically valid information to patients seeking services.

SB 6567: Requiring DNA to be collected from illegal immigrants

SB 6744: Privatizing the Worker's Comp system.

SB: 6284:Declaring Oct. 9 Leif Erickson (you know, the first white guy who discovered America) day.

For a more complete list of bills that died in the Senate, Click here to go inside the blog

2010 Dead Bill Report


Agriculture and Rural Economic Development Committee


SB 6335       Adjusting tax exemptions relating to farmers markets on church property (Jacobsen)


SB 6372      Creating a task force to review conservation district functions and operations. (Jacobsen)



Early Learning & K12 Education Committee


SB 6249       Kids at hope (Franklin)


Economic Development, Trade & Innovation Committee


SB 6705      Would have modified the business and occupation tax credits for four types of business to encourage greater economic impact. (Kastama)


SB 6598      Would have deferred varying percentages of sales and use tax based on the degree to which building projects in four targeted categories meet LEED (green building) standards. (Kastama)


SB 6599      Would have required new buildings and improvements to existing buildings in four targeted categories meet Green Building Council gold standards in order to qualify for certain tax credits on remodeled/renovated buildings. (Kastama)


Environment Water & Energy Committee 2010


SB 6458      Concerning minimum renewable fuel content requirements. The state required fuel standard for biodiesel and renewable diesel is changed from at least 2 percent of diesel annually sold to at a requirement that diesel sold must contain at least 2 percent biodiesel or renewable diesel by volume.  (Ranker)


SB 6477       Read broadly it would have required the Legislature to have to once again approve any program that was previously authorized to address green house gas emissions, before the program could be implemented. That would include implementing the Clean Car standards as well as the Senate Bill 6001 thermal power plant emission standards. (Stevens)


SB 6659      Would have consolidated the state's pollution liability insurance agency within the department of ecology. (Fraser)


SB 6682      Would provide double the credit for green power production for utilities purchasing baseload power from a new renewable energy facility that begins construction in 2010. It is likely that the only such facility would be the proposed forest waste biomass-to-energy facility recently proposed to be built in Shelton. (Kastama)


Financial Institutions, Housing and Insurance Committee


SB 6694      Residential foreclosure

                        Creditors would be prevented from foreclosing on homes for one year if the borrower is receiving unemployment benefits. (Gordon)


SB 5922      Tenant screening reports

It protects consumers from unfair practices by establishing criteria for the dissemination of credit and court record information contained in a consumer's tenant screening report. (Kohl-Welles)


SB 6767        Residential mortgage loans

It prohibits a residential mortgage loan modification from being made unless a disclosure summary of all material terms is placed on a separate sheet of paper and has been provided to the borrower 30 days before the first payment of the loan modification.  (Berkey)


SB 5861        Posting credit card payments

It requires that all payments made in person at an issuing bank, credit union, savings bank, or savings association, or any of their subsidiaries or branches, to be considered payment to the issuer and shall be posted on the day received and at the time of day in the bank, credit union, savings bank, savings association, subsidiary, or branch at which the payment is made. (Tom)


SB 6055      Homeowners’ association ombudsman

It creates the office of the state homeowners' association ombudsman in the office of the attorney general for the purpose of resolving disputes between homeowners and homeowners' associations. (Fraser)


Government Operations & Elections Committee


SB 6284      Declares that the ninth day of October be recognized as Leif Erickson day. (Jacobsen)


SB 6588      A city, county, or statewide elected official may only hold one elected position at a time except for voluntary work. (Fairley)


SB 6657      An employee of the legislature is exempt from certain ethical violations while in public service. (Benton)


SB 6786 –       Creates an independent commission, modeled after the federal BRAC commission on military base closings, to identify ways to make Washington state government more efficient. (Kastama)


SBs 6472,

SJM 8005/


8020             Bills and petitions to Congress relating to citizenship, state sovereignty, the pledge of allegiance and senatorial appointments. (Stevens, Holmquist)


Health & Long-Term Care Committee


SB 6452       Limited Service Pregnancy Centers

Requires limited service pregnancy centers to provide truthful information about their services, ensure that any reproductive health information provided is medically accurate, and maintain the privacy of and respect a person's right to his or her health care information. (Tom)


SB 6247       Adverse health events

It requires the department of health to fine medical facilities that don’t report adverse medical events. (Keiser)


SB 6486       Vaccination/hospital workers

 It requires hospitals to adopt a policy that, among other things, provides influenza vaccination, free of charge, to the hospital's health care workers.  (Murray)


SB 6781      Interstate compact/insurance

It establishes the interstate health insurance compact act. Expands flexibility provided in current law to increase the availability of affordable health care coverage options for the citizens of the state.  (Keiser)


SB 6756      Public employee wellness

Requires insurance benefits with wellness incentives for public employees.



SB 6563        Immunization exemption

It modifies the requirements for exempting a child from certain immunization requirements. (Keiser)



Higher Education & Workforce Development Committee


SB 6276      University of Washington tuition setting authority (Jacobsen)


Human Services and Corrections Committee


SB 6628      Prohibiting public art in prisons (Carrell)


SB 6484       Allows prison guards who have been awarded a civil judgment to deduct monies from inmate savings account (Hewitt)


SB 6419       Clarifies sentencing guidelines for juveniles convicted of vehicular homicide (Kastama)


SB 6230 –       Allows adoptees who were born after 1993 and who are now over 18, and their adult children, to access original birth certificate (Brandland)


Judiciary Committee


SB 6396      Bans assault weapons in Washington. (Kline)


SB 6567      Requires the collection of DNA from any illegal immigrant. (Stevens)


SB 6200       Prohibits the government taking of property for the purpose of economic development. (Carrell)


SB 5870      Removes the requirement that a dog owner must kill their dog after receiving notification that that the dog killed a domestic animal. (Hargrove)


SB 6394      Clarifies the right of a person to determine who can control the disposition of his or her remains. (Jacobsen)


Labor, Commerce & Consumer Protection Committee



SB 6534       Decreases the minimum wage by the same percentage that inflation decreases. (Holmquist)


SB 6615       Allows Keno in Washington and directs Keno’s revenues to the Department of Natural Resources. (Jacobsen)


SB  6638      Reforms Washington’s Worker’s Compensation system by doing such things as defining occupational disease and allowing compromise and release. (Holmquist)


SB  6744      Privatizes the Worker’s Compensation system. (Honeyford)


Natural Resources, Ocean & Recreation Committee


SB 6255      Relating to sexually altered, pinioned mute swans. (Kilmer)


SB 6813      Abolishes the Department of Fish & Wildlife and the State Parks & Recreation Commission and merges both agencies into the Department of Natural Resources. (Tom)


SGA 9206  Fish & Wildlife commission appointee David Jennings.


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