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MONDAY, FEB. 21, 2011, 4:32 P.M.

Presidents Day Trivia

In honor of Presidents Day, here is some Oval Office worthy trivia.

Before President's Day, the U.S. used to have Washington's Birthday as a federal holiday. What's Washington's real birthday?

The faces of what four presidents are carved onto Mount Rushmore?

What four state capitals are named for presidents?

What political party elected the fewest presidents, and how many was that?

Two presidents were elected  unopposed. George Washington was one of them. Who was the other?

What four presidents lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College vote?

What president had the most children?

Who was the last president not to attend college?

Answers inside the blog.

Washington was born on Feb. 11, 1731. But that was when the British Empire used the old Julian calendar; it changed to the Georgian calendar 21 years later which bumped the birthday up to Feb. 22.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt are on Mount Rushmore

Jackson, Mississippi; Jefferson City, Missouri, Madison Wisconsin and Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Federalist Party elected one president, John Adams.

James Monroe ran unopposed in his second term.

Andrew Jackson won the popular vote but John Quincy Adams wonin  the Electoral College; Samuel Tilden won the popular vote but Rutherford B. Hayes won in the Electoral College; Grover Cleveland won the popular vote but Benjamin Harrison won in the Electoral College; Al Gore won the popular vote but George W. Bush won in the Electoral College.

John Tyler had 15 children with two wives.

Harry Truman.

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