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Spin Control archive for Nov. 2011

WEDNESDAY, NOV. 30, 2011

Spec Sess Day 3: Education cuts blasted

OLYMPIA -- School administrators, teachers, middle school pupils and college students pleaded with a Senate panel to spare many of the programs on the chopping block in a budget fix proposed by Gov. Chris Gregoire. Some broke down in tears when they described state programs...

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Baxter pays for recount 

Former state Sen. Jeff Baxter is paying for a partial recount of ballots in his unsuccessful bid to retain his Spokane Valley seat despite losing the race by more than 3,400 votes. Baxter’s opponent in the contest, Mike Padden, was sworn in as senator representing...

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Gregoire asks DEA to allow medical marijuana 10 

OLYMPIA — Governors from Washington and Rhode Island asked the federal government Wednesday to reclassify marijuana so it can be used for medical use. Gov. Chris Gregoire and Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee petitioned the Drug Enforcement Administration to take off Schedule I, which is...

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TUESDAY, NOV. 29, 2011

Mike Padden, with his wife Laura, waves to family and friends after being sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Jim Johnson (Jim Camden)

Spec Sess Day 2: Padden sworn in

Mike Padden, with wife Laura, waves to family and friends in the Senate chamber after being sworn in by Supreme Courth Justice Jim Johnson OLYMPIA -- Mike Padden took the oath of office Tuesday afternoon in the Senate chambers shortly after Spokane County certified the...

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Rush-Allen recount will be done by hand 

The final outcome of the City Council race for a seat representing south Spokane won’t be decided until next week. That’s when the Spokane County Election’s Office will recount ballots in a contest so close that state law required a second examination. Former Councilman Mike...

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MONDAY, NOV. 28, 2011

State orders protesters out of Capitol

OLYMPIA -- The Washington State Patrol has ordered protesters out of the Capitol, warning them that anyone who doesn't leave will be subject to arrest and a 30-day ban from state property. "We respect your right to free speech and protest," Lt. Mark Arras, acting...

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Protesters fill the Capitol rotunda around the Christmas tree the evening of Day 1 of the Legislature's special session. (Jim Camden)

Spec Sess Day 1: Capitol likely to be cleared

OLYMPIA -- Several hundred protesters, many of them chanting slogans from the "Occupy" movement, are in and around the Capitol rotunda. But perhaps only for the time being. The director of Enterprise Services said just minutes ago that the protesters will not be allowed to...

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Spec Sess Day 1: Shouting down a hearing

OLYMPIA -- Members of the "occupy" movement are interrupting the House Ways and Means Committee hearing on a plan to help the struggling Wenatchee Public Facilities District by demanding a "citizens arrest" of the Legislature. Chairman Ross Hunter has tried several times to get a...

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Protesters "occupy" the Senate gallery on the first day of the special session (Jim Camden)

Spec Sess Day 1: Occupying the Senate gallery

OLYMPIA -- After marching around a Capitol rotunda decorated with a Christmas tree and chanting "We are the 99 percent", some 200 protesters decided to "occupy" the Senate gallery this afternoon. They filled the benches on both sides of the chamber and demanding the Legislature...

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Sen. Mike Hewitt, left, and Lisa Brown, right, wait to bring in the flags for the start of the special session (Jim Camden)

Spec Sess Day 1: Legislature convenes

OLYMPIA -- With protesters outside on the Capitol steps and more expected later today, the Legislature started its special session shortly after noon with limited pomp and circumstance. The Legislature is generally without its army of teen-aged pages for this emergency budget session. The pages...

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Special Session Day 1: Forces gathering

OLYMPIA -- Legislative caucuses meet at 10 a.m. while home care workers will gathering on the steps outside the Capitol Building. Large tents have been set up on the lawn to the east of the Legislative Building, and protesters with signs are already moving across...

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SATURDAY, NOV. 26, 2011

WA Lege: Coming Monday

OLYMPIA -- It won't be just the state's 147 legislators -- 148 if you count the two state senators from Spokane Valley's 4th District -- who will be coming to the capital Monday for the start of the special session. The Occupy movement, along with...

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TUESDAY, NOV. 22, 2011

Why Verner lost: Part 3: Otto Zehm 

It’s hard to imagine how Mayor Mary Verner could have lost so much ground between the primary and the November election without concerns about the Otto Zehm case eating at her base. With some members of the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane expressing...

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MONDAY, NOV. 21, 2011

Supercommittee gives up

It's official: The Supercommittee isn't super. It's a bust A press release from Sen. Patty Murray and her supercomm co-chairman Rep. Jeb Hensarling acknowledge as much today. Of course, they tried to put the best face on it possible, saying that they hope Congress can...

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