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WA Lege Day 30: Debate continues on changes to I-960

OLYMPIA — Sen. Cheryl Pflug says of the 1,001 letters she’s received, only six approve repealing the supermajority to raise taxes

If you do this, many of you will return to a wall of rage at home” Pflug, R-Maple Valley, warned. “People are hurting, and you are hurting them more.”’

Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, “What is it about the will of the people that worries you? What does it really mean? I believe we have to listen. I think we’re seeing that (wall of rage) all across the country. Now we see the same kind of arrogance that caused many of us to run for public office. And now here we are, seeing it again, amongst us. Are we in tough times, of course we are. Is it going to be hard to reduce the budget, you bet. We can do this without (the bill) We don’t need it, we don’t have to circumvent the will of the people.”

Sen. Tracy Eide, D-Des Moines: “We are in unprecedented times. How many of you have lived through a time like this? How many of you have family members who are unemployed? I do. I have friends who have business that they are cut way back. I had a 401K that now is a 101K. We are in a crisis. We need to think logically. And who do the people of this state turn to when they need help? They turn to us. A wise man told me last week ‘Tracy, those of us who have, have to help those of us who have not.’ I’m voting for this bill to keep our options open. We need to step up to the plate and help them.”

Wa Lege Day 30: A fight among grandmas

OLYMPIA - If this is an emergency, why is the state still spending money for art projects in the prisons, Sen. Mike Carrell, R, asked. Why spend $2 million on art for the Seattle tunnel

Sen. Rosa Franklin, D-Tacoma:”We have heard a lot this afternoon about the will of the people. The will of the people also has to have compassion in it…Grandma does not deal in metrics and the lingo of today. She doesn’t deal in Twitter. The services she is receiving will be eliminated or cut drastically. She is scared…I promised grandma that my vote will be for her. I told the kids education is important and they should stay in school. I will not throw them under the bus, I will put them on the bus.”

Sen. Pam Roach R-Auburn: “I’m a grandma, and I don’t want to have my taxes raised. Taxes are going to be going up in a variey of ways. Grandmothers run those shops. ..Right now things aren’t good and we will be further depressing the economy. More taxes will not help this economy…We need to do what the people are telling us to do, and that means restructuring…It means being creative, not doing things the way we’ve always done. I’m a grandma and I’m not voting for this bill.”

Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Wells, D-Seattle: “I’m a grandmother and I am voting for this bill. If we don’t want to amend laws, why do we even have a Legislature? Many bills have amended initiatives. 67 percent of the voters approved an increase to the state minimum wage, three of them last year. 68 percent of voters approved medical marijuana, we’ve had bills to change that… Republicans and Democrats introduce bills …to amend initatives brought forward by the vote of the people. All of these statements about going against the will of the people are spurious.”

I-960 hearing: Look what’s on the chopping block

OLYMPIA — Seth Dawson, a representative of human service organizations, urged the Legislature to temporarily suspend Initiative 960’s requirements for super-majority support for tax increases.

“There’s nothing pretty about amending this initiative…, There’s nothing pretty about enacting these cuts,” Dawson said.

“I don’t envy your position. The best choice at this point is to proceed with this measure,” Dawson, whose clients include the Coalition for the Homeless, said.

Suppose more revenue comes in Sen. Linda Parlette said. AT some point aren’t we still going to have to reduce spending?

“Probably,” said Dawson.

The state cut spending last year, Sen. Karen Fraser said. It can’t just keep cutting.

“It’s time to look at a system of new revenues,” Dawson said. Mental health was cut last year, now it’s asked to take more.

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