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Today’s fun video: Stewart tells Dems enough with the money grubbing


Anyone who has the misfortune to be on the national Democratic campaigns' e-mail list can relate to the incessant begging for money, supposedly from folks like President Obama, Vice President Biden and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (but really from some hack at a computer in the campaign offices.)

Spin Control mentioned it a few months ago in a Sunday column. But Jon Stewart on The Daily Show did a particularly good job of exposing the money grubbing by folks like the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (which, by the way, hasn't spent a dime on the congressional campaign in Eastern Washington in years).

Maybe Democrats will take the hint, and those in power will tell the folks who probably used to work for Nigerian bankers looking to make deals to transfer large sums to my bank account to Knock. It. Off.


Hamilton says he’s city resident in new court filing

City Council candidate Mark Hamilton says he hasn't lived at his address in the city of Spokane since November and barely lived in the home since September as a result of construction in the home.

But Hamilton, a real estate agent and the pastor of 1Body Ministries, also said that from the time he acquired the dilapidated home at 217 E. Pacific in May 2012 until September he usually spent about four nights a week there. Utility records show the home had no water or electricity the first month he lived there. He claims to have slept on a cot at his newly-purchased home rather than at his other home outside city limits.

“I actually slept on the premises beginning on May 15, 2012, on a camp cot in the upstairs bedroom. There were no utilities at the time, but I was concerned about the homeless and transient persons in the area and lack of security,” Hamilton said in a court declaration. He said he bathed at a friend's home or at his other home outside city limits.

Last month two residents who live in Hamilton's council district filed a lawsuit arguing that Hamilton wasn't qualified to appear on the ballot. He is challenging Councilwoman Amber Waldref in her bid for reelection.

In February, responding to questions about whether he met residency requirements to run for Spokane City Council, Hamilton said he had spent the majority of his nights since May at the home on Pacific.

When Hamilton voted in November, he was registered to vote an address outside city limits. That's one of many factors noted in the lawsuit as reasons Hamilton doesn't meet residency requirements.

The Spokane City Charter says “a person must be a qualified voter of the City of Spokane and have been a resident of the City, and of the appropriate council district, for the one year immediately preceding the time of filing as a candidate for, or the time of appointment to, the office of mayor, council president, or council member.”

 Hamilton's attorney, Dustin Deissner, argues that the line in the charter does not require a candidate to be a qualified voter “for the one year immediately preceding the time of filing” (last month). That time requirement, he said, only applies to being a resident. He said it was an oversight that Hamilton was registered to vote at an address outside city limits.

The lawsuit and Hamilton's response is attached to this post.

Hamilton has said he will no longer respond to requests for comment from The Spokesman-Review and in a Facebook post last month called on pastors to rise up against the newspaper. He also called S-R reporters “demonic soothsayers.” To see his full post, written soon after this column appeared in the newspaper, keep reading this post.


McLaughlin considering move to Spokane Valley

Spokane’s most senior elected official is considering a move to the east.

City Councilwoman Nancy McLaughlin said last week that she may move into Spokane Valley’s 4th Legislative District to run for the House seat held by state Rep. Larry Crouse – if he decides to retire.

McLaughlin, a Republican, can’t run for a third term on the City Council because of term limits.

Crouse, 68, said he likely will decide if he’ll run again early next year. He said he’s had a rough legislative session this year because of his health, but that he doesn’t suffer from any life-threatening illness. Crouse had surgery early this year because of a blocked artery in his leg and later suffered from food poisoning. But he said he’s getting back to normal.

“It has a lot to do with my health,” Crouse said. “If I feel good and feel capable of doing a good job, it’s a possibility that I will run again.”

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