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Today’s fun video: In case you slept through yesterday


Talking Points Memo boils Thursday down to less than two minutes, and even manages to find a clip that manages to mention the week's two most pervasive 24-hour-network-news events: Anthony Weiner and the royal baby.

Sunday Spin: Mainstream GOP may have been hot dogging Inslee money

Washington Republicans tried last week to wring every last drop out of a connection between the state and Rep. Anthony Weiner's bad behavior, however tenuous it was.
Earlier in the month, the state GOP criticized Jay Inslee, a Washington congressman who would like to be governor, for accepting a $1,000 contribution from Weiner in 2000. Inslee should “send back the tainted money”, Republicans said.
Rather than give the money back to Weiner, Inslee's campaign announced it would donate it to Planned Parenthood.
Not good enough, a group known as the Mainstream Republicans said last week. . .

To read the rest of this item, or to comment, go inside the blog.

Mainstream GOP to Inslee: That money’s tainted

Washington Republicans are trying to wring every last drop out of any connection Washington may have to Anthony Weiner's bad behavior, however tenuous it may be.

Last week the state GOP criticized Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash., for accepting a $1,000 contribution from Weiner, saying the current congressman and likely gubernatorial candidate should “send back the tainted money.”

The fact that the contribution was made in 2000 wasn't mentioned in the press release, although it could be discerned from following the helpful link to Weiner's contribution history with the Federal Elections Commission

Rather than give the money back to Weiner, Inslee's campaign announced it was donating it to Planned Parenthood.

Not good enough, the Mainstream Republicans complained today. Two members of the moderate wing, who identify themselves as pro-choice, accused Inslee of trying to “clean up his mess” by giving the “tainted money” to Planned Parenthood. He shoulda gived it to a food bank or the Red Cross, they said…

On the Web: A Rep. Weiner Timeline

Now that Rep. Anthony Weiner has resigned, we can only hope that the double entendre and just plain silly headlines will stop in the next 24 hours or so.

For a look back at a timeline of some of the worst jokes at Weiner's expense (which is not to say he didn't deserve it, but still), interersted folks can click here.

Today’s fun video: For those not tired of Weinergate


Jon Stewart gives everything he's got Tuesday to mock Anthony Weiner, and himself for not hitting it harder Monday. (And probably deserves a visit from OSHA for injuring himself in the sketch.

And for the most unusual take on the Weiner “fess-up” — and possibly the cutest — click here.

McMorris Rodgers on Weiner: ‘I had no idea’

SEATTLE — Weeks ago, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers co-wrote a guest column with the co-chairman of a new group of congresspersons concerned about local pharmacies staying in business. It sat around for until Monday, when it got published at a time when her caucus co-chairman was getting maximum exposure.

But not the good kind.

That co-chairman is Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., who on Monday admitted that he'd been lying for about 10 days by denying he never sent a suggestive photo by Twitter to a woman in Seattle. He fessed up and said not only had he sent that photo, and lied about it, but he'd sent others by Twitter or Facebook, and engaged in other behaviof of which he is now ashamed.

“I had no idea,” she said Tuesday in Seattle, where she's the keynote speaker at the Washington Policy Center's conference on health care.

McMorris Rodgers said she wouldn't call for Weiner's resignation, adding she wanted to see what else comes out in an upcoming ethics investigation. “I hesitate to say when someone should resign.”

But other Republican members of Congress have resigned when facing similar scandals, and she supports Speaker John Boehner's admonition to the GOP caucus: “You are held to a higher standard when it comes to being a member of Congress.”

McMorris Rodgers has been one of the prime movers at getting Republicans in Congress to use Twitter and Facebook to communicate with constituents and supporters. While Weiner's problems point out the possibilities of misuse of the social media, that's not a reason to stay off Twitter.

” I think there are a lot more positiives about opening up communication,” she said. providing that one is careful about what kind of communication one is opening up.

McMorris Rodgers, Weiner get together for drugs

Although probably not what you're thinking. (Get your mind out of the gutter.)

Reps. Cathy McMorris and Anthony Weiner co-wrote a guest column in Roll Call, a Washington, D.C., publication, about the importance of independent pharmacies in cities, towns and rural America and explained three key pieces of legislation they are pushing this year a co-chairwoman and co-chairman of the newly re-established Community Pharmacy Caucus. A copy of the guest column can be found here.

But maybe this co-chairmanship could help Weiner, a New York Democrat, out in another area.

Weiner is probably better known for something other than making sure Mr. Gower's Drug Store stays open in Bedford Falls. He has gotten much attention in the last week for allegedly sending a photo, via Twitter, of his underwear (with him in it) to a woman in Washington state who is not his wife. Last week, Weiner said his Twitter account was hacked and  he didn't send the photo, but he couldn't say for sure that the photo wasn't him. It was been a gift to late night comedians.

Today he admitted that he did, after all, send that photo to the woman in Washington, as well as some other photos to other women, also not his wives, on Facebook.

McMorris Rodgers is, among other things, the GOP House Caucus's tech guru. She was among the first on Twitter and is constantly pushing other Republicans into social media cyberspace. She ought to be able to help Weiner brace up the security for his Twitter account and go over some tips on what to send and what not to send, an explanation how something sent out on Twitter never stays private for very long.

Today’s fun videos: Stewart mocks Trump on pizza, Weiner on Twitter comments


Jon Stewart delivers a damning critique of Donald Trump.

Not for his aborted presidential campaign, his questioning of Obama's birth certificate or his coiffure. But for his pizza savvy. And it may be the most devastating Trump tromping of all time.

In a bipartisan move, he also asks the question that's on everyone's mind about Rep. Anthony Weiner's not quite unequivocal denial of that Twitter posting. Click here to see that inside the blog.

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