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Today’s fun video: The best (worst) political ads


BuzzFeed has compiled its list of the 10 best political ads of the year so far. Or, they may be the 10 worst, depending on your outlook.

The one above is No. 1, but the others are pretty good, too and can be found at this link.

Today’s link: Politically purging Facebook

If you are a true believer in one major political party or the other, you may find it difficult to stay friends with those in the opposite party, at least through the November election.

Not long ago, that may have meant simply avoiding them in social settings, not hanging around the water cooler with them at work or occupying a more distant bar stool during  happy hour. But Facebook changed all that, because  you may have added FB “friends” over the last few years without regard to their partisan leanings. Could that high school classmate whom you “friended” after seeing the list for the reunion turn into a rabid birther? Will that former work colleague bombard you with complicated theories of how the U.S. actually blew up the Twin Towers? Or maybe you're just tired of all the effusive praise of their particular presidential pick.

What's a FB follower to do?

BuzzFeed has developed two links that will help you identify Republicans or Democrats among your friend list, and help you “defriend” them, if you so desire.

Republicans looking identify the Democrats in their lists can start here.

Democrats looking for Republicans in their lists can start here.

But remember, just because you don't agree on politics doesn't mean you can't be friends. Sometimes, anyway.

Today’s fun video: GOP prez debate



BuzzFeed boiled the debate down to 75 seconds, which is pretty good. But the best take off, as usual, came from Jon Stewart. It can be found inside the blog.

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