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Lampert drills down on the varmint issue

Some candidates, particularly novices, have an annoying habit of announcing a vague stand for or against something when they kick off their campaign, and never refining, clarifying or elucidating it later.
Not so with City Council Candidate Barbara Lampert. She came out four-square against varmints when she began her campaign. Her latest campaign literature, a 3.5 inch by 8.5 inch door insert, brings the issue into sharp focus. Eliminate skunks. Lessen the squirrel population. Eradicate crows. Decrease marmots.
It is possible that Lampert, a perennial candidate who has run for something or another for the last 15 years, knows not to make a rookie mistake.
It’s unlikely, however, she’ll get much support from those who like their furry or feathery friends. Sure, skunks can be smelly, squirrels annoying and crows obnoxious. But marmots? They’re cute.

What does it look like to you?

A city resident took umbrage at the e-mail address of one of the City Council candidates – with the Internet, it seems, there is more umbrage in more places – complaining that the Council District 1 hopeful Mike Fagan’s listing is a derogatory acronym well known to texters, IMers and the like.

The letters in Fagan’s “1dilligas” e-mail address, according to Marshall Smith, stand for Does It Look Like I Give A “S-word”. This “little display of indecency” has lost his support, wrote Smith.

Not being an avid texter, Spin Control had to check the Internet to see whether dilligas does mean what Smith says it means.

It does, although the Urban Dictionary notes it can also stand for “Do I Look Like I Give A “S-word”, and that “Sigh” is sometimes substituted for S-word, apparently by those with concerns of decency that outweigh syntax.

But does it mean that to Fagan? That’s where the situation gets a little murky.

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