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Not a list we aspire to make

Different organizations regularly put out lists of cities that they think are the most livable, most environmental, best for kids or seniors or families.

And then there are the other lists, the mirror images of the ones above.

Daily Beast has a new list of the latter category. Brokest Cities in America.

And no, Spokane isn't on it. In fact there's only one city from Washington or Idaho on it.

So, see. Things could be worse.

Elsewhere on the Web: States going broke

The Daily Beast, a national news Web site, has a state-by-state list of financial woes of the nation's 50 states.

You may be happy (although maybe not overjoyed) to know that Washington ranks No. 35 from the top and Idaho No. 37 in their listing of perilous fiscal situations.

Not sure how serious to take this, though. The listing for Washington seems to have some basic figures correct, but its political news is a bit out of date when it mentions “the state implemented a tax on gum, bottled water, beer and candy” and puts the projected revenue at $122 million over the next year.

First, it wasn't a single tax, but a series of taxes. OK, that's a niggling point. But the taxes on three of those four were repealed by voters, so they aren't projected to bring in any revenue over the next year.

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