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Fri. a.m. video: Thurs. in rearview mirror

More talk of “death panels” on TalkingPointsMemo’s day in 100 seconds.

To be fair, no one in Colville at Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ town hall meetings this week — not her, not the audience — used the term “death panel”… unless you count me in an interview with her between events.

Thurs. a.m. video: Weds. town hall retrospective

Fear and loathing on the town hall circuit, which if you believe the national broadcast and cable news talking heads, is everywhere. Truth be told, not quite everywhere: in Colville yesterday, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers was met with some pointed questions, but there was no shouting, no banners and no guns…well, at least none that were pulled out and brandished. That’s not to say that no one had something handy in a pickup, or a purse.

You can read about the Colville events here. Watch the TalkingPointsMemo quick look at the national scene below

Weds. a.m. video: Town hall in PA

Things apparently got testy for Sen. Arlen Specter when he had his town hall meeting in Lebannon, Pa., yesterday.

Tues. a.m. video: How many times can you say ‘Death Panel’?

Apparently many, many times over the course of 100 seconds, as this clip from TalkingPointsMemo shows.

Fri. a.m. video: Sonia vote Thurs.

You all knew this was going to happen, but Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation still dominated the cable news on Thursday. The funniest thing seemed to be that after months of the nomination-and-hearing process, some people still have trouble pronouncing her name.

Here’s the rundown from TalkingPointsMemo.

Thurs a.m video: Weds. release

The release of two journalists dominated the national news on Wednesday. Here’s a clip from TalkingPointsMemo.

Weds. video: Tues. redux

Tuesday was Obama’s birthday…although if one doubts he was born in the U.S., shouldn’t one also doubt the day? The celebration plus a preview of Congress’s upcoming dog days of summer in this video from TalkingPointsMemo.

Tues video: What happened Mon.?

Spin Control experienced light blogging over the weekend because I was in Vegas being separated from my money on Sat. and Sun., and tied up with a non-political story Monday. 

Apologies to readers wondering What’s going on?

Here’s a quick look at the big news of Monday, a question of taxes and lip reading, from the folks at TalkingPointsMemo, with a promise of more local stuff to follow today.

Fri. a.m. video: 100 seconds of bad beer jokes Thurs.

Apparently, there wasn’t much for the national news media to report on Thursday, so they concentrated on Obama having a beer with a couple guys from Cambridge, Mass. TalkingPointsMemo distills it down to its essence.

Thurs. a.m. video: Weds. in rear view mirror

Wednesday in 100 seconds, courtesy of TalkingPointsMemo.

Weds a.m. video: Tues. catchup

Finally off single topic synopses, TalkingPointsMemo compiles clips of beer, blue dogs and Sonia Sotomayor from Tuesday.

Tues. a.m video: Mon. review of beer run

Here’s 100 seconds of discussing the president having a Bud with a couple of new buds…from TalkingPointsMemo.

Fri. a.m. video: What was up with Thurs.?

A quick review of Thursday, before you get too in to Friday, from the folks at TalkingPointsMemo.

Thurs. a.m. video: Weds. recap

Quick look at Wednesday from the folks at TalkingPointsMemo.

Wed. a.m. video: Tues. back at you

High noon on health care? Tuesday in review from TalkingPointsMemo.

Fri. a.m. video: Sotomayor finishing up

Sonia Sotomayor finished up her hearings Thursday, and apparently didn’t have a “melt down.” Quick highlights from TalkingPointsMemo.

Thurs a.m. video: Sonia Chronicles Day 3

The confirmation hearings of Sonia Sotomayor continue for the third day in the U.S. Senate, where she continues to get questions about wise Latina women and Sen. Tom Coburn , R-Okla., tries to channel Ricky Ricardo, and Sen. Al Franken, D-SatNiteLive, signs up for the Perry Mason fan club. The best of a long day, from the folks at TalkingPointsMemo.

Weds video: Sonia does Tues.

Sonia Sotomayor hearings continued Tuesday. Here’s 100 seconds worth of it from TalkingPointsMemo.

Tues. video: Mon. was Sotomayor Day 1

Sonia Sotomayor’s first day of hearings coincided with All-Star Game eve. Which may explain all the baseball analogies in yesterday’s hearings. Before catching Tuesday’s hearings, here’s a quick recap of yesterday’s spin, from the folks at TalkingPointsMemo:

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