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Thurs. a.m. video: Wassup Weds.

A potpourri that includes health care, Palin, Jackson from TalkingPointsMemo.

Tues. video: Mon. dissecting of Palin

They were still pretty hung up on Sarah Palin on Monday, according to TalkingPointsMemo. Must’ve been a slow news weekend?

Weds. a.m. video: Quick look at Tues.

If you were otherwise occupied, Iraq, Minnesota and the South Carolina governor topped the news on Tuesday. Catch up courtesy of TalkingPointsMemo.

Tues. a.m. video: Mon. in review, Madoff in prison

Hot topic Monday was Bernie Madoff getting sentenced. Here’s 100 seconds worth from the folks at TalkingPointsMemo.

Fri. a.m. video: Thurs Sanford saga

The South Carolina governor’s travails continue, as some of his e-mails get released. The abbreviated version from TalkingPointsMemo:

Thurs. a.m. video: Sanford found

If you have any interest in South Carolina, its politics or its governor, this daily clip from TalkingPointsMemo will be high on your must watch list. Otherwise, it’s 100 seconds of another politician who cheats on his wife.

Weds. a.m. video: Tuesday quickly

The clip of Tuesday in review, courtesy of TalkingPointsMemo , is all Obama on Iran.

Fri. p.m. video: What’s up with Fri.

What you missed if you skipped the news this morning (or this evening) on Iraq, courtesy of TalkingPointsMemo.

Thurs. a.m. video: 100 seconds on Iran Weds.

Revolution in the streets meets the Twitter Age, according to TalkingPointsMemo.

Weds a.m. video: Tuesday in the rearview mirror

If you were otherwise occupied Tuesday, the biggest news item of the day remained the election protests in Iran. The question arose: Is President Obama doing enough?

Tues. a.m. video: Mon. in Tehran

All eyes on Iran Monday as protesters filled the streets of Tehran, and the supreme ruler called for an investigation into the election. Here’s a quick update from TalkingPointsMemo.

Sat. a.m. video: TG it’s not F

What was up Friday? Well, everyone seemed excited about elections in Iran.

But by now, you know how they turned out.

Oh, you don’t? Go to the newspaper’s main page.

Fri. a.m. video: Thurs. quickly

TalkingPointsMemo is all over the Holocaust Museum shooting (for the second day.)

Thurs a.m. video: Weds. in 100 seconds

The big story of Wednesday was the shooting at the Holocaust museum. Here’s the TalkingPointsMemo clip.

For more on the shooting and the suspect, including his tie to North Idaho, go here for coverage in The Spokesman-Review.

Weds. a.m. video: Tuesday in rearview mirror

If the folks at TalkingPointsMemo are to be believed, Tuesday was all about the GOP and who is its next leader.

Who do you think is the future of the GOP? Click comment, and hold forth.

Tuesday a.m. video: Monday in review

Here’s what you missied if you stayed under the covers to avoid the rain yesterday, courtesy of TalkingPointsMemo.

Friday a.m. video: Checking back on Thursday

Encapsulation of Thursday is “Obama in Cairo”. Video courtesy of TalkingPointsMemo.

Thurs a.m. video: Wassup with Weds

In case you missed it yesterday, President Obama landed in the Middle East. Until he got there, TV talking heads speculated on much. Here’s a recap, from the folks at TalkingPointsMemo.

Weds. a.m. video: What you missed Tues.

Here’s a quick look at Tuesday, from the folks at TalkingPointsMemo. (Note that Sonia Sotomayor is only about half of the news.)

Weds. a.m. video: What you missed Tues.

Here’s a quick look at Tuesday, from the folks at TalkingPointsMemo. (Note that Sonia Sotomayor is only about half of the news.)

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