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Ooops! moment for the Postal Workers demonstration

The postal workers union will demonstrate this afternoon in Spokane against plans to close some Post Office facilities.

But the notice of that demonstration seems to be a model of Murphy's Law about things going wrong.

First of all, the notice received Wednesday wasn't sent out by standard mail but by e-mail, which is one of the reasons postal volumes are down.

Second, the first notice had the wrong day. Well, good thing it was by e-mail, because the union was able to send out a quick correction saying it was actually today.

But that new notice had a problem itself. In explaining the reason for the protest, the press release contained the following:

“Our postal workers are on the front line and they know how much these congressionally mandated cuts will hurt their customers,” said xxxxx xxxxx (maybe local union pres). 

Now, only the most naive reporter  believes that a quote in this type of press release represents the exact words from the person mentioned. But rarely do we see such a blatant example of getting the cart before the horse in quotes, coming up with what the organization wants said, and looking around for someone to spoon feed that quote to.

When this last gaffe was mentioned to the union spokeswoman, her response wasn't really printable in a family newspaper, or even on a blog that it runs. But had they sent out the press release the old-fashioned way — typed it up, made copies and put them in a series of envelopes — there's a good chance someone would've noticed that little boo-boo.

The demonstration, by the way, is at 4:30 p.m. at 10 North Post Street.

Today’s fun video: Fighting back on intolerance



Last fall, Spokane and Coeur d'Alene reacted admirably to members of the Westboro Baptist Church, a small Kansas congregation that uses the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan to spread a view that the United States is being punished for being too accepting of homosexuality.

Recently in Kansas City, Westboro members picketed and another counter-demonstration was mounted. This time with some sound effects from the Foo Fighters. Maybe that will become a standard response to the congregation…don't fight fire with fire, fight hate speech with music.

WA Lege Day 87: Protesters don’t like either budget

OLYMPIA – As several hundred protesters chanted about corporate greed and demanded tax increases, House budget writers gathered to decide which of two plans to cut billions from state programs they would endorse.

The state’s budgeting process, which is facing serious time constraints as the Legislature slogged through Day 87 of its 105-day session, featured competing spending plans in the House. Republicans unveiled their alternative budget Wednesday afternoon, proposing more cuts from health insurance and disability programs but spends more on public schools.

To read the rest of this post, or to comment, click here to go inside the blog.

Iran: Look what’s happening out in the streets

For  a great photo montage of the post-election protests in Iran, click here for a site called The Big Picture.

And yes, the headline comes from an old ‘60s protest song. Do you remember what the next line is?

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