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Liquor initiatives could take us into the known unknown

Getting the state out of the liquor business is such a popular idea that voters have two chances to do it in the Nov. 2 election.
Based on their ballot titles, Initiatives 1100 and 1105 may seem close enough that anyone in favor of state-operated liquor stores could reasonably vote no on both.
One can make an argument for voting yes on one but not the other. Costco card holders, for example, might be more fond of I-1100, on the theory that if their favorite discount house spent millions pushing the intitiative, they may see some great deals on a case of booze.
But anyone who thinks the state should stick to core services – things like schools, prisons, roads and drawing numbers for the Lottery – may decide to fill in the “yes” ovals on both to double their chances of buying their liquor from someone not on the state payroll.
Then what happens? Suddenly, after decades of talking about getting the state out of the liquor business, we have not one but two laws ordering it out.
The short answer is – and we reporters love this because it’s like the political writers’ full employment act – no one knows.
Seriously. No. One. Knows…

I-1100 officially on Nov. 2 ballot

OLYMPIA — Initiative 1100, the first of two proposals to knock the state out of the liquor business, is for sure on the general election ballot.

Not that there was really muhc doubt after they turned in an estimated 396,000 signatures on their petitions.

Elections workers doing a spot check of signatures last week said it had more than enough valid signatures, and Secretary of State Sam Reed gave I-1100 the official greenlight this afternoon. Staff began checking signatures for I-1082, which would allow private insurance companies access to the workers comp system.

I-1100 is the state out of the booze-biz proposal backed by retailers because it allows them to deal directly with distilleries for their supplies. I-1105, which requires retailers to deal with wholesalers or distributors, will have its signatures checked in a week or so.

In all, six initiatives are thought to be in line to join the three referenda already on the ballot.

Let the counting begin

Staff from the Secretary of State’s elections office begins counting petitions for Initiative 1100 brought in Wednesay afternoon. (see post below) Staff photo by Jim Camden

One liquor initiative has signatures; second expects to

OLYMPIA – Washington state’s 77-year control of liquor sales may be in doubt.
Sponsors of one ballot measure to turn the sale of all liquor over to private stores, Initiative 1100, say they will turn in nearly 350,000 signatures today cqWEDS, a number that practically guarantees the proposal will be on the Nov. 2 ballot.
The campaign manager for a separate measure to privatize liquor sales, Initiative 1105, says it too expects to have more than enough signatures to turn in by July 2, raising the prospect of two competing plans for voters to sort out this fall.
Getting the state out of the liquor business has been a familiar refrain in the Legislature for decades…

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