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Today’s fun video: Oliver on the week’s big election — in Scotland


Scotland votes this week to pull out of the United Kingdom.

It used to be to get out of the British Empire folks had to do something a bit more rash, like coming up with a Declaration of Independence and shooting at redcoats from behind stone fences and trees.

John Oliver explains the vote, with some tantalizing tidbits like the official animal of Scotland. And no, you probably can't guess it.

It's a long video, but well worth it.

Today’s fun video: John Oliver on Hobby Lobby case


This actually aired the night before Monday's Supreme Court decision came down, but Oliver's rift on what corporations should have to do if they really want to be considered people may be even more on point now.

He'd probably get high fives from the minority and those in their corner, but not from the five who ruled for Hobby Lobby and those who think they're right on the mark. 

Today’s fun video: Oliver slams Oregon for Healthcare site failure


People with low regard for the Oregon ethos will get the most laughs out of this segment from Sunday's “Last Week Tonight” show.

Warning: It's from HBO, where they feel no need to bleep out swear words.

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