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Today’s fun video: Stewart nailed it on the media feeding frenzy


If this morning's CNN fiasco on announcing the Affordable Care Act wasn't a good enough reminder about how bad the media frenzy can get over something like a major Supreme Court ruling, this segment from The Daily Show on Wednesday night showed how silly the news network talking heads have been all week.

Today’s fun video: Stewart on the GOP debate


A day late because of taping schedules, Jon Stewart delivers the best look at the GOP presidential debate, and the  news media that covered it.

If you liked the first segment, go inside the blog to see the second…

Today’s fun video: The media diss Ron Paul


Regular reader and longtime local activist Jon Tunig wrote this morning to decry the fact that the national media seems intent on ignoring GOP Presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

He's correct, and probably no one is better at smacking down the national media than another Jon — Jon Stewart. This clip is from his Monday night show, which had several good bits on the Iowa Straw Poll. But this was by far the best.

Today’s fun video: For those not tired of Weinergate


Jon Stewart gives everything he's got Tuesday to mock Anthony Weiner, and himself for not hitting it harder Monday. (And probably deserves a visit from OSHA for injuring himself in the sketch.

And for the most unusual take on the Weiner “fess-up” — and possibly the cutest — click here.

Today’s fun videos: Stewart mocks Trump on pizza, Weiner on Twitter comments


Jon Stewart delivers a damning critique of Donald Trump.

Not for his aborted presidential campaign, his questioning of Obama's birth certificate or his coiffure. But for his pizza savvy. And it may be the most devastating Trump tromping of all time.

In a bipartisan move, he also asks the question that's on everyone's mind about Rep. Anthony Weiner's not quite unequivocal denial of that Twitter posting. Click here to see that inside the blog.

Today’s fun video: Jon Stewart on bin Laden’s death

Jon Stewart continues to deliver some of the best political commentary anywhere, marking Osama bin Laden's death with well-directed satire and just the right amount of celebration.

Today’s fun video: Who’s that in the background?


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One of the perks and/or consequences of being in congressional leadership is your face shows up in some of the darnedest places. So it was for a certain Eastern Washington congresswoman Tuesday night on the Daily Show, for a significant part of Jon Stewart's bit on budget negotiations.

Today’s fun video: Wisc. ain’t Tunisia or Egypt


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Crisis in Dairyland - Revenge of the Curds
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Is anyone else irked by some television news accounts that try to find parallels to popular uprisings in the Middle East? If so, you'll enjoy Jon Stewart's opening monologue from Monday nights “The Daily Show” which takes up that issue at about 5:30 in. (The rest of it is worth watching, though.)

It's possible that folks at The Spokesman-Review are a bit sensitive about such lame comparisons because photographer Holly Pickett, a former colleague, has been on the scene in Tunisia, Egypt and now Morocco, and we wouldn't worry quite so much if she were shooting photos in Madison, Wisc.

Today’s fun video: Stewart takes on media punning

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When he’s right, he’s right. Jon Stewart last night challenged the news media to stop using stupid puns in their stories.

All in favor, raise  your hand.

“Sanity” rally coming to Spokane

Jon Stewart’s mock protest gathering, the Rally to Restore Sanity, will have a Spokane version on Oct. 30 in Riverfront Park.

As seen below, Stewart announced a send-up earlier this month of the Glenn Beck rally at the Lincoln Memorial. Whether intended or not, it struck a nerve and people started making plans to go to the National Mall and setting up satellite rallies around the country. Local organizers have set their gathering at Riverfront from 9 a.m. to noon.

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Possible discussion topic: Would it take more work to restore sanity to Spokane than elsewhere? Would we be a better location for a satellite version of Stephen Colbert’s March to Keep Fear Alive?

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Today’s fun video: Stewart gives up

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Jon Stewart opened last night’s Daily Show with a new feature called “I Give Up” — a sentiment we’ve all  held from time to time.

While it seems like he’s pounding mainly on Republicans at the beginning, stick with it to the end to see that he’s pretty bipartisan in his contempt.

Today’s fun video: How funny can you make the census?

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Gary Locke Pt. 1
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Oh right, the census.

That’s why former Washington Gov. and current Commerce Secretary Gary Locke was on the Daily Show Thursday night.

The Commerce Department, see, is in charge of the Census, which is underway. It’s in that government envelope you received in the mail and put with the sweepstakes, credit card touts and other stuff you’ll open some time, when you get around to it … but may just throw out because the stack is getting too tall and it’s late tonight and trash pickup is tomorrow morning.

Which means you are going to cost the federal government a bazillion dollars because they’ll have to send a census taker to your door  (about a gajillion times because you’re just never home) to get the answers to the 10 little questions you could answer in about two minutes if you’d just Open the Darn Envelope and Fill Out the Damn Form.

But we digress. Locke’s appearance is apparently part of the huge marketing effort underway for the census. The marketing effort seemingly did not spend a lot on writing Locke’s jokes and practicing his delivery; but then, Locke was always a bit of a wonk, so he makes a decent straight man for Stewart, and manages to slip in a few interesting bits…like the  question that was on the form in 1790 that isn’t on the form in 2010. Answer at about 2:40 in the first clip.

And Locke does get two segments, which is more than Snoop Dogg got on Wednesday night. Second segment is below.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Gary Locke Pt. 2
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Locke on Daily Show Thursday night

Gary Locke, the state’s former governor and the country’s current commerce secretary, is the featured guest tonight on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Really. Spin Control can’t make this stuff up. (And if we were going to make stuff up, would  this be it? We think not.)

Anyway, alert eyes in the Capitol Building tipped us to the note on the Comedy Central site that list Locke as tonight’s guest. Last night’s guest? Snoop Dogg.

Talk about diversity.

Tues. fun video: Stewart rips Ds a new one

Never let it be said that The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart only picks on Republicans. Last night he proved he’s an equal opportunity annoyer in this discussion of the Massachusetts Senate race.

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Mass Backwards
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