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Today’s fun videos: Evolution of dance evolution?

If you're on Facebook, someone has probably sent you a link to this video, with Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama doing the evolution of Mom Dancing.


Not to be outdone, conservative pundit Michelle Malkin now has her own video, which she calls The Evolution of Liberal Dance.


Which one you think is more funny may depend partly, although not entirely, on where you fall in the political spectrum.

Michelle Obama: Get fired up

First Lady Michelle Obama campaigned for Patty Murray today in Bellevue.

The Spokesman-Review didn’t send a reporter. No disrespect to the First Lady, but our closest reporter is in Olympia, and while he made the trip to Seattle for the president, and another to Tacoma earlier this month for the vice president, the accountants are starting to wonder about all this mileage he’s been racking up, plus the 2+ hours it takes to crawl up I-5 at any time between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.

But we do have what’s known as the FLOTUS Pool Report, which is the local reporter assigned to write what the First Lady Of The United States did at her events open to the press gaggle. The Associated Press’s Curt Woodward was assigned the task, and we have every confidence that he represented it accurately.

It’s designed to be more chronological than standard news style, so don’t look for the knock your socks off lead. It can be found inside the blog.

Michelle Obama will campaign in Washington

First Lady Michelle Obama will campaign in Washington state for Sen. Patty Murray in the coming weeks, a Murray spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday.

Neither a date or a place can be confirmed at this point, Julie Edwards of the Murray campaign said.

The Associated Press is reporting that Mrs. Obama will be attending fund-raisers in six states for Murray and five other Democrats. Also on the list: Sens. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, Michael Bennet of Colorado and Barbara Boxer of California, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias of Illinois.

Happy Fist Bump Day

Today has been declared National Fist Bump Day by, well, by people who apparently don’t have very much to do.

It commemorates the day one year ago when Barack and Michelle Obama knocked knuckles after he locked up the Democratic nomination. Some TV talking heads later questioned whether it was some islamo-fascist-black-panther-trilateralist-anarchist secret sign. (These are apparently people who don’t watch much sports on television.)

Anyway, feel free to bump, or not bump, as you see fit.

Happy Mothers Day to moms in high places

Just in time for Mother’s Day, a survey arrived last week from Adecco Group — described in the press release as the world’s largest staffing agency — on the most admired “celebrity”mothers.

To determine this, the agency paid to survey working moms, working dads and working non-parents. Envelope please…and the most admired celebrity mom for all three was:

Michelle Obama.

It seems her public image has recovered nicely from a year ago, when she could be caricatured on the New Yorker cover as a fist-bumping radical Angela Davis wannabe.

Number two for working men and working non-parents was …


Coming Sunday: Gun control?

Sunday’s Spokesman-Review will have a special feature in the Today Section on Obama and guns.

Not Barack Obama and his stance on gun control.

Michelle Obama and her “guns”. (Psst. That’s her upper arms for those of you who are wondering “Shotguns, pistols or rifles?”)

It features a fun quiz, where you cam try to match other famous women’s arms with their names.

Why do we care? Well, because not everything about politics is deadly serious. And because some fashionistas have questioned the First Lady’s choice of going sleeveless at various events, while others have insisted if you got ‘em, flaunt ‘em.

Check it out Sunday.

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