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Inslee signing Boeing legislation today

OLYMPIA — Gov. Jay Inslee travels to the Museum of Flight this morning to sign legislation passed over the weekend in the hurry-up special session.

Probably an appropriate backdrop, considering the session was all about luring a new Boeing assembly line and wing manufacturing plant for the 777X, and the Museum of Flight is at Boeing Field, just down from Boeing facilities, and there are lots and lots of Boeing planes inside and out.

On Saturday, after the Legislature wrapped and the many fathers of the legislative victory assembled with Inslee for a victory press conference, the governor was asked when the “dog and pony show” of bill signing would take place. Normally these occur in the governor's conference room.

Time and date to be determined, Inslee said, but added: “Just dogs. It's a Lean Management things. We don't use ponies.”

Apparently Lean Management does, however, allow the use of planes.


How ‘bout we park that Shuttle in Seattle?

OLYMPIA — The Museum of Flight tried very hard to get one of the nation's Space Shuttles earlier this year when NASA got out of the shuttle business. NASA eventually said no to Seattle and bunches of other cities that covet one of the space ships, and yes to New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

Now it seems that New York is changing some of its plans for housing the shuttle Endeavour, which is going to create some delays for NASA getting rid of it.

In an effort to help NASA and New York City out, Gov. Chris Gregoire is suggesting the space agency send either Endeavour or Enterprise, which technically belongs to L.A. but isn't there yet, to the Museum of Flight.

Just temporarily, of course, Gregoire said. Just until NYC or LA museums get their act together and build structures worthy of “these priceless artifacts.” The Museum of Flight has the perfect spot to put them for now.

Washington state isn't the only place angling for temporary housing for the shuttles. Dayton, Ohio, was pretty steamed when it didn't land one for the U.S. Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. And Houston was similarly p.o'd when Mission Control only got a mockup. Politicians for those to spots have suggested taking Endeavour away from New York City and giving it to their facility.

Gregoire's letter to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden describes the Museum of Flight's offer as an interim plan. But let's face it. Once NASA parks one of those 165,000 pound birds some place, it could be there for a very long time.

No Shuttle for Museum of Flight

OLYMPIA — The Museum of Flight in Seattle was not chosen by NASA to be the home for one of the retired Space Shuttles.

It will however get a training module the astronauts used.

The Museum of Flight was among facilities scrambling for a Shuttle as an exhibit when NASA openned up the bidding for the spacecraft. It is announced the locations for the four Shuttles today, the 30th anniversary of the first shuttle flights.

Atlantis stays at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Enterprise goes to the Californial Science Center in L.A. Intrepid goes to the Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York. Discovery was already promised to the Smithsonian.

Gov. Chris Gregoire issued a press release saying she was disappointed the Seattle museum didn't get a Shuttle and congratulating them on their effort.  The trainer is a “true win” because visitors can get in the trainer and they won't be allowed inside the Shuttles, she added.

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