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Today’s fun video2: Congressional leaders sing ‘We Shall Overcome’


If there is video of Congressional leaders looking more uncomfortable than this, we'd be shocked.

Whether it's because they don't want to be  holding hands or they don't know the words to 'We Shall Overcome or they can't carry a tune in a bucket, it's hard to say. But we're guessing whatever staff member set this thing up yesterday is looking for a new job today. 

Today’s fun video: Anti-Pelosi Zombie ad


This may be the most off-the-wall campaign ad of the 2012 cycle.

It's from Republican John Dennis, a long-shot challenger to Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California, and features a sheep, some Zombies and, well, just a lot of unusual stuff. 

Dennis apparently decided to use his long-shot status to his advantage…or at least, to the ad-makers advantage.

More on forwarded e-mails with bad info

In response to Sunday’s column on e-mails that pass along stuff that just ain’t true, Reader Tina Wynecoop sent a copy of a missive she’s received several times about Nancy Pelosi’s luxury jet.

The e-mai carries a subject line of “FW: Queen Nancy’s 757” and includes a photo of what it calls a USAF Boeing 757. It talks about Pelosi demanding a luxury jet to fly across country instead of the “small private jet” a speaker normally gets, so she ordered a Big Fat 200 seat jet, which costs $60,000 for each trip to California and another $60,000 back, and she makes one every weekend, so that’s $480,000 a month and $5.7 million a year, all while demanding people use less fuel and raise taxes.


You won’t, in fact, see this in The Spokesman-Review, because so much of it isn’t true. But it was checked by several news agencies when it first surfaced last fall, and if you want to know what they found, go inside the blog….

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