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Bad tweet from Obama camp on voter signup

The tweetster for the president — we're guessing Barack Obama is too busy to be sending these things out himself  — urged people this morning to fill out and mail in a voter registration form by today to meet deadlines. 

Fill in your name, e-mail address and ZIP Code, and it will direct you to a place that will supposedly let you do that.

If you are a would-be Washington voter, Don't Get Your Hopes Up.

The deadline for registering online was yesterday. The deadline for filling out a form and mailing it in was Saturday.

You can still register to vote, but to do so, you will have to go to your county elections office, in person, to fill out the form, sign it and hand it in. If you click through enough pages, it will eventually tell you that.

The other suspicious thing is the request that you supply your e-mail address, but not your physical address. Nothing tied to voter registration requires an e-mail address, because those can be as impermanent as a Kardashian wedding. Could it be the e-mail address is really for the campaign, and not for the process of securing voting rights for citizens?

Obama organization meeting in East Central

Organizing for America, which is sort of the successor to the Barack Obama presidential campaign, will hold a town-hall style meeting Thursday evening at the East Central Community Center.

6 p.m., East Central Community Center, 500 S. Stone St. if you’re marking your calendar.

OFA likes to call it an Obama Listening Tour, although Obama won’t really be anywhere close to East Central. Instead, the chief listening will be done by Dustin Lambro, who is the organization’s state director.

Lambro will listen to folks’ concerns about such things as health care, the economy, energy or whatever, compile questions, comments and suggestions, and get it back to the the OFA, which is run by the Democratic National Committee. So when does Obama get a listen?

That’s not entirely clear, even to folks at OFA. Said r5egional press spokesman Frank Benenati: “We’re still trying to figure out all the kinks.” 

Which is interesting, because they’ve apparently held more than a few of these meetings, including several in the Seattle area.

Stilll, it seems like a chance for folks from the 2008 campaign to get back together and talk about the “old days.”

Maybe do a fist bump or two, even if it’s a day late? (See post immediately below.)

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