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Income tax initiative petitions in, others to come

OLYMPIA—Supporters of Initiative 1098, which would place an income tax on so-called “high earners” turned in signatures Thursday morning, making them the third statewide ballot measure to haul bozes of petitions into the Secretary of State’s office.

Four other campaigns say they’ll be there before 5 p.m. Friday, which is the drop-dead date for any statewide initiative to come up with 241,153 valid signatures from registered Washington voters.

Among those scheduling a petition drop on Friday are supporters of Initiative 1068, which would legalize adult use of marijuana. It’s tentative, because they told the Secretary of State’s office earlier this week they had about 200,000 signatures, but were getting more every day. They have a tentative appointment for 4:20 p.m. 

Get it? 4:20? If you do, you’ll probably vote yes on I-1068 if it makes the ballot.

To review the status of what’s in, and what’s coming in, go inside the blog.

Supremes schedule R-71 hearing

OLYMPIA — The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments on April 28 whether the names on ballot measure petitions are public records.

The Washington Secretary of State’s office announced this afternoon that the date has been set on a case that is getting national attention because it involves a series of First Amendment and public records issues.

The information at the heart of the case are the names and addresses on the petitions to put Referendum 71 on last fall’s ballot. After the Legslature expanded rights for same-sex couples last spring, opponents gathered signatures to let voters overturn the bill. Supporters of gay rights requested the names under the state’s public records law, but referendum sponsors objected, saying the signers could be subjected to harassment.

Although the state has previously released the names from initiative and referendum campaigns, judges have disagreed over whether the names in this case are public records. Most recently, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said they are, but that ruling is on hold while the U.S. Supreme Court decides the case.

Ref. 71: Sizing things up

Referendum 71 supporters have a new challenge. The size of the petitions they need to distribute for signatures.

The proposed ballot measure, which if passed in November would repeal aspects of domestic partnership passed this year by the Legislatulre, must contain all the sections of the law it seeks to change. That law covers 114 pages in the original bill, but has to fit on a single sheet for a referendum petition, state initiative rules say.

So supporters shrunk the type and printed it front and back on a super-sized piece of paper, which folds out like one of those maps you get from AAA that never get refolded quite right.

The Washington Secretary of State’s office released the above photo of a petition, being held by office spokesman David Ammons.

Look for the petition at a gathering place near you. For people who believe in reading anything before they sign it, be advised: bring lunch.

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