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WA Lege Day 89: Scenes from the rally (3)

OLYMPIA — Members of the Pierce County Fire Fighters Pipe and Drum Association prepare to lead protesters through the Capitol hallways.

WA Lege Day 89: Scenes from the rally (2)

OLYMPIA — Sean Dannon, a union organizer from Tacoma, dresses in a costume he thinks represents most legislators on the issue of eliminating tax breaks on businesses.

WA Lege Day 89: Scenes from the Rally (1)

OLYMPIA — Sen. Lisa Brown discusses the difficulty of passing any tax exemptions this year with protester Debbie Sills of Yakima.

“Sanity” rally coming to Spokane

Jon Stewart’s mock protest gathering, the Rally to Restore Sanity, will have a Spokane version on Oct. 30 in Riverfront Park.

As seen below, Stewart announced a send-up earlier this month of the Glenn Beck rally at the Lincoln Memorial. Whether intended or not, it struck a nerve and people started making plans to go to the National Mall and setting up satellite rallies around the country. Local organizers have set their gathering at Riverfront from 9 a.m. to noon.

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Possible discussion topic: Would it take more work to restore sanity to Spokane than elsewhere? Would we be a better location for a satellite version of Stephen Colbert’s March to Keep Fear Alive?

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March to Keep Fear Alive Announcement
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