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Spec Sess Day 24: Will Lege have a quorum after Rapture?

OLYMPIA — The House of Representatives returns to work at 10 a.m. Saturday, with a warning that they can expect to work through the weekend.

One source in the Capitol noted that Saturday is also the day some members of a small Christian sect believe the End Times will start and the Rapture will occur. Won't that mess up the works?, he asked.

Probably not, for several reasons.

One is that the rapture is scheduled for 6 p.m., and anything the House can't get done in eight hours probably can't get done that day.

The other is that the Rapture only involves God's elect, who will be taken into heaven and saved. Note the distinction between “elect” and “elected”. Chances are the House will have enough folks to work through the night, and come back the next day.

Still, if anyone disappears in the middle of a debate, it could mess up one of the close votes. Someone will also have to decide whether they are marked “absent” or “excused” in the official tallies.

We'll keep you informed.

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