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Extending online voter signup

OLYMPIA — Procrastinating voters who delay registering as the election approaches would have a little more time to sign up on-line before an election under a bill moving through the Legislature. But those who would prefer to go to the elections office and fill out the form would have a little less.

Washington currently has two deadlines for eligible residents to register to vote: 29 days before an election for filling out a form and mailing it in or filling out the online registration form and pressing the send button; eight days before the election for those willing to go to the county elections office and fill out the necessary paperwork.

But processing online registrations is more cost-effective and efficient, Secretary of State Kim Wyman said, while processing the paper forms takes more staff time. HB 1267 would allow online signups until 11 days before the election, which would also be the last day to register in person at an elections office. Paper forms that are filled out and mailed to the elections office would have to be postmarked no fewer than 28 days before the election. 

The shift for mail-in registrations means the deadline will never fall on the Monday holiday of a three-day weekend, when post offices are closed and letters can't be postmarked. The three-day shift for in-person registration moves the last day from a Monday to a Friday, which may be an easier day for a voter to take time off from work to make the trip to the elections office, Wyman said.

The bill was originally proposed to allow registration at the elections office on election day, was changed to have the different deadlines before it passed the House last year but didn't get a vote in the Senate. It passed the House again last month and received a hearing today in the Senate Government Operations Committee.

House passes election changes

OLYMPIA – Some would-be voters would have more time to register online, and younger ones could “pre-register” as early as age 16 under election law changes approved Thursday by the House.

Often by large margins, the House passed and sent to the Senate a handful of bills that supporters said will increase participation in elections. . .

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Deadlines approaching for WA voter registration

OLYMPIA — Washington residents who are would-be voters but aren't registered still have time to sign up and be eligible to cast a ballot for president, governor or any or all of the other offices and measures on the state's long and interesting ballot.

But not a lot of time.

Those who are planning on filling out a registration form and mailing it in have until Saturday to do so. That's because by state law, mail-in ballots must be post-marked by Oct. 8… but Oct. 8, which is  next Monday, is also Columbus Day, on which no mail is going to get post-marked. So Saturday, Oct. 6, is the last day you can get the necessary mark on the envelope.

Registration forms can be found at many government offices, including the county elections offices and some public libraries. They can also be printed out from this page on  the secretary of state's website.

Of course, if you're going online, anyway, you might consider doing the whole thing by computer at a different secretary of state website, My Vote, which will walk you through the process and save you a stamp. The other advantage is that the deadline for online registration is still Oct. 8, because the post office isn't involved in this.

For those who want the experience of going to the elections office in person  filling out the form and handing it to another human being, that option is available until Oct. 29. But call the elections office first to check their hours; because of government reductions, different counties have different closing times. To find a number for you county elections office, click here.

In Idaho, the deadline to “pre-register” — that is, get on the voter rolls at your precinct polling place, is Oct. 12. For a copy of the Idaho voter registration form, which can be printed out, filled out and mailed in, click here.  Idaho also has same-day registration at the polling station.

Mailing in that registration? Do it quickly

Washington residents who are eligible to vote but haven’t registered have until Saturday to mail in their registration forms, and until Monday to sign up online.

The final deadline for mail and online voting is Monday, but that’s Columbus Day, a federal holiday on which post offices will be closed. Mail-in registrations must be postmarked by Monday, but if they don’t get postmarked Saturday, they won’t be postmarked until Tuesday.

It will be possible to register online through Monday by going to the Secretary of State’s web site . Residents who miss that deadline can still sign up in person at a county elections office until Oct. 31.

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