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Sunday Spin: Free advice for candidates

  Last week was the official start of campaign season that saw swarms of candidates filing for various offices and in some cases plunking down the fees that go with them. Kudos for your public spiritedness and participation in the democratic process. But as my father always said, you pays your money and you takes your chances.
   Some of candidates have been around the block once or twice already and know the basics. A few have been around the block so many times they’re starting to wear their own paths.
   But some are new to the game, and as is traditional around filing week, Spin Control offers its eight simple rules to live by for new candidates and their campaign staffs. It's free advice, which my father always said is usually worth exactly what you pay for it. But it could save you some grief down the road:
   1. No whining. We congratulate winners and console losers, but we will brook no whining, especially on things that are “part of the deal.” That includes filing your Public Disclosure forms on time, and doing it online if that’s required. No lame excuses like “I’m not good with computers.” Join the 21st century or find a 12-year-old with a laptop….

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